The Hiding Of Whom The Rulers Of America Are

For some reason, I am the only person who publicly asserts that America’s roughly a thousand billionaires virtually own the U.S. Government, and that they donate so much money to the candidates who win the primary elections, in both political Parties, for the U.S. House and Senate, and for governorships, so that America’s billionaires actually winnow-out and eliminate each and every political candidate who wants to serve the public more than to serve billionaires. In other words: political conflicts in America are conflicts between its billionaires — not conflicts actually within America’s public-at-large (such as would be the case in any authentic democracy). In other words: America is ruled for the benefit only of those roughly a thousand individuals who own the controlling blocs of stock in America’s largest corporations, including in virtually all of America’s ‘news’-media, and in the corporations (like Lockheed Martin) that derive all of their profits from selling to the U.S. Government and to all of its foreign vassal-regimes or ‘allies’. In other words: America’s great Founders, who had waged the Revolutionary War in order to replace the existing aristocracy, which was British, and to replace it with an authentic majority-rule democracy, have finally (as-of the present time), failed, because America now has actually a reborn aristocracy, and this reconstituted aristocracy consists of America’s own billionaires. They’re just as much a dictatorship as Britain’s aristocracy were, but almost entirely homegrown instead of 100% foreign (such as that British aristocracy were). This reconstituted aristocracy consists of the wealthiest Americans, instead of the wealthiest Englishmen. Therefore, America’s conflicts — both foreign and domestic — are either against foreign countries that America’s aristocracy aim to add to their existing empire, or else are against America’s public, or are against both. The foreign conflicts are dealt with by imposing economic sanctions, subversions, coups, and military invasions; but the domestic conflicts are dealt with simply by the ancient aristocratic maxim of “divide and rule” — splitting up the enemy (in this case the American people) into gays versus straights, Whites versus Blacks, “our” religion versus their religion or no religion at all, or any other manufactured (such as ethnic) “us versus them,” but not ever the actual one, which is billionaires-versus-the-public. This is how they stay in power and constantly increase their power (their dictatorship).

A typical example of evasion of this reality, on the part of America’s Democrats (the fools of billionaires who fund the Democratic Party) is Matt Taibbi’s March 29th “Meet The Censored: Chris Hedges”. It opened:

This past weekend, celebrated journalist and author Chris Hedges woke up to find six years of episodes of his Russia Today show On Contact vanished from the show’s account on YouTube. Though almost none of the shows referenced Russia or Vladimir Putin directly, and the few that did tended to be unflattering, his association with Russian state media was enough to erase hundreds of interviews about topics ranging from Julian Assange’s imprisonment to censorship to police brutality to American war crimes in the Middle East.

America’s largest corporationsNow on Substack, Hedges has a long and uncomfortably colorful history of being muffled. The former New York Times correspondent covered wars from the Balkans to the Middle East to the Falkland Islands, and authored books like War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, American Fascists, and The Death of the Liberal Class, and through 2002, when he won the Pulitzer Prize as part of a team for Exploratory Reporting, he defined mainstream respectability and excellence in journalism. He might have had it easy, spending the latter part of his career on the Thomas Friedman/David Brooks Memorial Gravy Train of overpaid lectures, University trusteeships, and fellowships at obscure think-tanks, if he’d just kept his mouth shut.

He didn’t.

Then, there was the interview portion, which included, for example:

MT: This two-step process feels like a backdoor way of getting rid of unorthodox voices. In other words, weren’t you on RT in the first place because you’d been bounced out for opposing the war in Iraq? Now, because of your association with RT, you’re off YouTube. Is this a way to get at, not just people connected with Russians, but people with unpopular views generally?

Chris Hedges: Yeah. That’s how it works. They push you to the margins and then, they demonize those spaces on the margins. This has long been the habit of the dominant ruling elites. So for instance, Robert Scheer, whose website I write for, Scheerpost — and of course, we were all fired from Truthdig, this is just a never ending saga — but he ran Ramparts. I think it was Spiro Agnew said, “It’s a magazine with a bomb in every issue.” We could never get advertisers.

In other words: they use obscurantist phrases such as “the elites,” or the opponents of “people with unpopular views generally,” instead of saying “America’s billionaires,” or even “America’s super-rich.” That’s like, in Nazi Germany, referring to “the Nazi Party,” instead of to Adolf Hitler or to the billionaires who had backed him. It’s referring to the agents, not to the principals. It’s referring to the employees, not to the employers (who selected and hired and fired those). None of Germany’s billionaires became hanged at Nuremberg. In fact, all of them became financial backers of the regime that America’s ruling billionaires installed in West Germany and who now control all of Germany as being an American vassal-nation (a ‘U.S. ally’). But, in fact: Among the publics in NATO nations, only Germans opposed Ukraine joining NATO (57% to 36%) (in contrast to all other NATO publics, which were even more than 57% in favor of Ukraine being allowed to join NATO). The German Government does only what the U.S. Government ALLOWS it to do. That is the very definition of a “vassal nation,” or “colony.” Whereas Germany’s public were 57% opposed to America’s Ukraine policy, Germany’s Government were so supportive of America’s Ukraine policy as to have terminated its own and Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline in order to comply with America’s demand, and therefore brought upon their own people the soaring gas-prices that could destroy Germany’s economy. How could a country be more of a vassal nation than that?

Biggest companies in USOf course, on America’s Republican Party side, the accounts are no less diversionary than on the Democratic Party side, but they are, instead, if anything, even more false, because of the Republican Party’s open and overt worship of the super-wealthy, as-if those people are God’s appointees to rule. It’s actually just one faction of America’s billionaires against the other faction of them. This limitlessly-grasping, insatiable, dictatorship (or regime) is what America’s billionaires want to rule the entire world. Or, as their puppet Barack Obama had phrased the matter, on 28 May 2014 (shortly after his coup that regime-changed Ukraine in February 2014) to America’s future military elite: “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come. … Russia’s aggression toward former Soviet states unnerves capitals in Europe, while China’s economic rise and military reach worries its neighbors. From Brazil to India, rising middle classes compete with us, and governments seek a greater say in global forums. … It will be your generation’s task to respond to this new world.” And, of course, the way that his audience-members there can professionally “respond” is purely by specifically military means. That’s what their employer, the U.S. regime, is paying them to do. The regime has told them that this is an economic function, to keep America’s aristocracy on top, so that “The United States is and remains the one indispensable nation.” All other nations are “dispensable.” That future military elite are to serve this economic function, by military means.

Why are all of the ‘news’-media hiding this fact from the public? Why am I still the only reporter who uses such a phrase as “the U.S. regime”? Until that changes, this regime’s endangerment of the entire world with a globe-annihilating World War III can only continue to increase, unimpeded. That’s because it relies, 100%, upon the lie, the myth, that America is a democracy. Without that myth, this Emperor would have no clothes. America is ruled one-dollar-one-vote, not really one-person-one-vote. Economic inequality within a nation tends naturally to destroy any democracy that might exists in the given country and turn it into an aristocracy instead. Such extreme economic inequality as America has, turned it into a dictatorship by and for the super-rich. For the sake of the future of the entire world, this Emperor’s clothes must now increasingly be ripped right off — exposed to the entire world so that it will be seen as being what it actually is.

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