Soros Is Revealed In Leaked Emails To Have Been Pro-Nazi During WW II

Brexit et al.

1) EU

There has been a flurry of briefing papers arriving at the EU embassy in Beijing.

Core agreement is reached with UK Government. There will be problems in this passing through the UK Parliamentary system. Therefore at this point we should not sound to optimistic.

The Conservative grouping that support the EU are confident that Mrs May will call for a second referendum vote to overthrow the first referendum. By this she will attract the votes of those who wish the UK to remain within the EU and obtain the implicit support of those Labour politicians who support the EU but who oppose Corbyn. Lords Hague and Adonis and Chancellor Hammond are the main drivers of this movement. May is attracted to this as her means of political survival.

You should bring the IMF briefing regarding the UK financial status to the attention of the Chinese authorities, with the rider that the EU does not wholly support the findings, IMF has often been wrong.

Internal only. The further development of majority voting is now under way in the council. This will avoid the effect of individual member nations delaying or blocking tax unification.

2) Soros

Du Pain and Alex Soros
Marybeth Du Pain and Alex Soros

My half brother Marc Du Pain is married to a Nigerian lady. Their daughter Marybeth Du Pain is a small-time model in the USA. For a number of years she has been a girl friend of Alex Soros, son of Soros by his second wife. I have been gently pumping her for information regarding Soros and Brexit.

First a little background on Soros.

His family were Germanic Jews who moved to Hungary prior to WW2 and changed their name to Soros to fit in with their new Hungarian background. Though Jewish by race Soros states that he was not Jewish by religion.

The following is from a Norwegian security report based upon information gained by investigations that started in the late 1950’s and continue to this present day. The UK security file on Soros is treated as Ultra secret.

1) Soros collaborated with the Germans in Hungary during WW2. At the age of 14 he was instrumental in identifying Jews who had hidden their Jewish identity.

2) After WW2 the Soviet Army arrested Soros as a collaborator. He then agreed to work for the GRU (Societ Military Intelligence). His background was ideal (Jewish Hungarian) and in the 1950’s he staged a miraculous escape from Hungary (crossing several heavily defended borders inside the Soviet domain) and entered the UK as a refugee. He was given a free University education at the cost of UK tax-payers and began to work in the financial sector, he used his ‘Jewish’ roots to persuade sympathetic Jewish run finance banks to employ him.

3) Having learnt the western financial system he then began to systematically attack it. After the fall of the Soviet Union he appears to have switched his allegiance to the left wing globalist groups and won their support after causing severe damage to the UK economy.

Alex Soros has dinner with his father once a week. He does not enjoy a warm relationship with his father and is resentful that his father divorced his mother and in his words “took up with a bimbo”. Alex Soros is a part time university lecturer and lives in a luxurious penthouse apartment in a fashionable part of New York. He has a considerable private income from a family trust. He has suffered from mental health problems and is diagnosed as suffering from severe depression. He is a frequent user of recreational drugs.

He often takes Marybeth Du Pain to dinners with his father (he father enjoys the company of young women).

Marybeth Du Pain descibes Soros senior as “Loud, bombastic and extremely opposed to listening to opposing views”.

Soros has made the following comments in her presence,

“Cameron should have been castrated for allowing the referendum.”

“In a sane world Farage would have been quietly disposed of by an unfortunate accident.”

“I pumped a lot of money into the remain campaigns, Ha, their silly rules were so easy to get round.”

“They wont leave, {the EU} we are pumping in 800 million directly and indirectly to make sure they don’t leave. If they still leave we will cripple their economy.”

“Ha, the boys in blue {conservative party mp’s she thinks} sure love their little perks, the cheap loans and mortgages we arrange for them, they are hypocrites, but useful.”

“I have unleashed the boys on them{Momentum USA, she thinks}, a tsunami of trolls to weaken their resolve.”

“This has cost a lot of money, I have already authorised over a billion dollars, I will get most of it back from Europe.”

She notes that Soros senior seems to have a deep hatred of the UK but does not know why.

This at least paints a picture of the major financial backer of Remain. I doubt I shall hear much more as my half-brother has told his daughter to cut her contact with me.

The general historical context:

Every aristocracy has two contending factions: One is straight conservative, and feel totally entitled, not at all obliged to ‘justify’ their extraordinary wealth to anyone. The other is noblesse-oblige conservative, or “liberal,” and might be called “hypocritical conservatives,” because they want to be accepted by the public as being ‘philanthropists’, or people who care about the public’s welfare — even while evading (avoiding) taxes as much as they can; and, so, as using their tax-write-off ‘charities’ to ‘do good’ as they themselves — and NOT the government (NOT the public, and this includes not the people who actually pay the taxes) — will define that ‘good’.

George Soros
George Soros

In America, the straight conservatives are Republicans; in Britain they are Tories. In America, the hypocritical conservatives (“liberals”) are Democrats; in Britain they are Labourites (even while doing almost everything they can to maximize profits to investors and minimize pay to workers).

Consequently: in every country, the aristocrats are constantly fighting amongst themselves about which group of them will control the Government. All aristocrats, in order to be accepted by any others (their “peers”), must be either conservatives or liberals — none of them are progressives, because progressives favor democracy (majority rule), and are therefore committed against the aristocracy (who fight constantly amongst themselves over which ones of themselves will be actually controlling the Government — via their political donations, ‘news’-media, etc.).

George Soros has spent more money than anyone to impose rule by the Government for liberal billionaires; he has been not only the biggest donor during recent decades to America’s Democratic Party, but by his many foundations and other ‘charities’, he has largely controlled the EU, and has waged constant war against Russia and against any nation that is on friendly terms with Russia. Constantly, he displays (but vigorously denies) his visceral hatred of Russia, and he was one of the biggest donors to the 2014 Obama coup in Ukraine (which started Ukraine’s war against Russia and against Russians — America’s hot now-proxy Ukrainian war against Russia).

Some Jews not only cooperated with Germany’s Nazis but hated Russia so much that after WW II they worked with the UK/U.S. alliance to conquer Russia, and continued to do it even after the U.S.S.R. ended in 1991. The German/Hungarian/British/American financier George Soros is evidently one such person.

High quality evidence has finally become available indicating that Soros, who has been personally at war against Russia ever since his childhood and even after the end of the Soviet Union and of its communism and of its Warsaw Pact mirror to America’s NATO anti-Russian military alliance, actively supported the Nazi cause. This evidence comes from Conservative members of the Deep State, and makes incriminatory statements against George Soros, who might be the world’s leading liberal aristocrat. However, the documents are clearly from extremely well-connected Deep State insiders and make allegations such as that “The UK security file on Soros is treated as Ultra secret.” These documents are from servants to billionaires, not from the billionaires themselves. But those servants are unquestionably intelligent and active participants in the billionaires’ Deep State. And they are here communicating with each-other in confidence. Rarely does such information become publicly available.

Recently disclosed evidence:

A trove of leaked confidential emails (which included the document that opens the present article) that were posted at a website which started on 19 April 2022 and which is hosted in Manchester England, consists of numerous emails from the computer of someone who was deeply active in a small group of British Conservatives (Tories) who successfully ousted Prime Minister Theresa May and replaced her by Prime Minister Boris Johnson because May was aiming for a Brexit which would continue Britain’s close ties with Europe, and, by contrast, Johnson favored a clean break in UK’s European ties, and for Britain to instead increase its “Special Relationship” with the United States by participating in the U.S. Government’s control over Europe so as to keep the existing UK/U.S. alliance on top in national aristocracies’ competition to either dominate the entire world (as the world’s first-ever all-encompassing empire) or else participate in that domination (by being a vassal-aristocracy of that imperial one).

This 19 April article was titled “Very English Coop d’Etat” (misspelling the word “Coup”). It was first archived on 22 April 2022, and so it had first been posted to the Web at some time during 19-22 April.

On May 19th I headlined “The Secret U.S.-&-UK War Against Europe”, and described the origin of the UK/America “Deep State” going all the way back to its 1877 start in the head of Cecil Rhodes. What one sees in that April computer-leak is 100% consistent with Rhodes’s plan which is documented in my article. That history makes understandable the speech, on youtube — which I discussed and linked to in my May 19th article — which speech had been given in 2019 by the head of that operation to replace Theresa May by Boris Johnson, Professor Gwythian Prins. As Kit Klarenberg noted and documented in his 15 May 2022 “Operation Surprise: leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson”, Prins comes across in the emails as having masterminded this oust-May, install-Johnson, operation.

On May 25th, Reuters (which is, itself, tied-in with this same Rhodesist Deep State) headlined “EXCLUSIVE Russian hackers are linked to new Brexit leak website, Google says”, and opened: “A new website that published leaked emails from several leading proponents of Britain’s exit from the European Union is tied to Russian hackers, according to a Google cybersecurity official and the former head of UK foreign intelligence.” Google also is part of America’s portion of the UK/U.S. Deep State. Reuters tried to get UK officials to comment upon whether or not the emails were authentic, but none responded — the documents haven’t yet been publicly denied by anybody. There is every indication that they are genuine. Reuters was presenting their article not in order to convey what is in those documents, but as being alleged evidence against Russia’s Government: “Reuters was unable to independently verify Google’s assessment about a Russian link to the website, but Thomas Rid, a cybersecurity expert at Johns Hopkins University, said the site was reminiscent of past hack-and-leak operations attributed to Russian hackers.” Reuters basically hid the evidence: they provided no link through to the leaked information (such as is being done here), because the leaked information is so highly incriminating against UK’s Government — another proof that it’s anything but a democracy, that it is merely political theater to manipulate the masses. That’s what the leaked documents displayed. But, because Reuters is itself part of that Deep State, the operations of that Deep State were hidden from, not reported to, their readers.

In order to be able to interpret the leaked documents, my May 19th article might be especially helpful, because I there tracked that operation straight back to the decision that Cecil Rhodes came to in 1877 and carried out subsequently. On 25 July 1945, U.S. President Harry S. Truman accepted the advice from the Rhodesists Winston Churchill and General Dwight Eisenhower, to set America irrevocably onto the path of becoming an all-encompassing global empire. Soros, like many other billionaires, is very actively participating in that same Deep State, but from its liberal side, against its conservative side. Consequently, the recently leaked documents are rabidly hostile toward him. But neither of its two sides will tolerate democracy.

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