All Mainstream ‘News’-Media In U.S. Are Propaganda-Agencies

America’s CIA was created in 1947; and, then, in 1948, the CIA’s “Operation Mockingbird” was started, to control, within the United States, all ‘news’-reporting about international matters. It was placed under the leadership of Frank Wisner, a Mississippian U.S. intelligence officer stationed in Turkey during WW II, whom the new American President, Harry S. Truman, transferred to Romania and then to Germany, in order to work with those nations’ aristocrats to stir opposition there against the Soviet Union, which nation had defeated Hitler (but lost 26 million dead in the effort, and was therefore considerably weakened, while America lost only 419,400). On 25 July 1945, Truman (influenced by the advice from his hero, General Dwight Eisenhower) suddenly reversed the pro-U.N. and anti-imperialistic foreign policies of his immediate predecessor, FDR, and set the U.S. Government onto the path of instead itself controlling the entire world, which meant, above all, conquering the Soviet Union — especially Russia — which had defeated Hitler (as both FDR and Churchill acknowledged at the time, but which historical fact became hidden by Operation Mockingbird after the War). This outcome was exactly the opposite of what had been the central aim of FDR, which was for WW II to be replaced by a new system of international law that would be produced and enforced by the U.N., terminating all imperialisms. FDR’s clear intention was that, after the War, he and Stalin would force the intensely imperialistic Churchill to accept this new anti-imperialistic reality, the U.N., as being a functioning global federal republic of all nations and the sole source and enforcer of international laws, laws between nations; but, when FDR died on 12 April 1945 and became replaced by Truman, who respected Eisenhower and despised FDR, the previous 2-to-1 “Big Three” for the U.N. to rule all international relations, became now 2-to-1 for U.S. hegemony — the U.S. Government’s ultimate rule over the entire world, the U.S. Government as being the world’s first hegemonic, or globally all-encompassing, empire. Wisner, and the entire Truman-created new CIA organization, were committed to this U.S.-imperialist goal: ultimate conquest of the entire world, by the U.S. Government.

Thus was born the U.S. Government’s dictatorship over all international-‘news’ reporting to the American people. It was (as that link documents) a deeply aristocratic operation, to control public opinion so that both of America’s political Parties would elect candidates that are committed to this same objective (now commonly called “neoconservatism”), of producing a hegemonic (globally all-encompassing) U.S. Government.

Propaganda-AgenciesIn fact, Bob Feldman, the great investigative journalist about the corruptness of America’s ‘alternative’ ‘news’-media, found that ‘news’-media such as The Nation, and Democracy Now!, and Mother Jones, and the Progressive, and most other ’progressive’ media, are likewise controlled by America’s billionaires, and serving the very same military-industrial complex and war-promotion function. Apparently, America has virtually a stranglehold (but only “virtually,” because you are reading this, here, which certainly is NOT “mainstream”) upon its public.

This is how the system functions in modern times:

A reality that is more and better-documented than perhaps any other in recent decades (except, perhaps, that the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media consciously hid — instead of reported — that the U.S. and UK Governments were lying about “Saddam’s WMD” in order to invade and destroy Iraq on 20 March 2003) is that there was a successful U.S. coup in Ukraine in 2014 and installation there of a rabidly anti-Russian government by the United States — which unquestionably was a coup there, and which the EU knew nothing about until it was already over, so that this was clearly a U.S. coup, and had actually been in the planning stages by the U.S. Government ever since at least June of 2011. (The only part of Obama’s coup-plan that failed there was for the seizure of Russia’s largest naval base, which ever since 1783 has been on Crimea, in order to turn that into a new U.S. naval base.) Consequently, the regions of Ukraine that had voted the most heavily for the Ukrainian President that Obama overthrew and replaced by an anti-Russian racist-fascist “nazi” team, rebelled against the U.S. coup-imposed rulers, and quickly produced a civil war in Ukraine. The chief objective of that entire U.S. operation to grab Ukraine has been in order to place America’s nuclear missiles on Russia’s border with Ukraine, only a 5-minute flying-time away from nuking Moscow. The idea is that if it’s done that fast, then Russia’s command-and-control will be eliminated before Russia will even be able to launch retaliatory weapons. That’s the U.S. regime’s dream.

Consequently, Russia’s 24 February 2022 invasion of Ukraine was done in order to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO — an organization that even U.S.-Government polls had shown to be viewed by most Ukrainians as being “enemy” instead of “ally” prior to Obama’s 2014 coup there.

In order for the United States to achieve this ‘victory’ in World War III, it needs to deceive its population constantly, so as to make “Saddam” and “Gaddafi” and “Assad” (etc.), and “Iran” and “China” and especially “Putin,” into a demon, if not into a danger to the safety of Americans, if not into a new “Hitler.” For the public then to pay for (subscribe to) such media, as-if those media were honest, after those very same media having constantly been dishonest about the most important historical facts, which they either have distorted or else hidden entirely, is intellectual suicide, but it still seems to be the norm — and not ONLY in America, but also in Europe. It is amazing.

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