Biden Might Turn Out To Be Wven Worse Than Hitler

One of the reasons why the Ken Burns and Geoffrey C. Ward Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary series The U.S. and the Holocaust stands out from, and stands above (both more comprehensive, and deeper, than) all other Holocaust documentaries, is that it is the first one to place that historical event into the broader Western cultural perspective, of which the Holocaust was a part, which is the same tradition that was the most comprehensively described and documented in the 1976 history-book, Anti-Semitism: The Causes and Effects of a Prejudice, which traces Hitler’s Nuremberg laws back to the devout Roman Emperor Constantius in 339 AD (his Codex Theodosianus XVI.8.6), saying that any Jewish man who marries a Christian woman “shall suffer the death penalty.” (Hitler constantly raged against “miscegenation,” or “race-mixing,” which he called “the blood-poisoning of the Jews.”) Then, that book lists and documents hundreds of pogroms, all by Christians against Jews, starting in 1009 A.D. in France, and then 1011 A.D starting also in Germany. (A flaw in this otherwise masterful book is that it fails to note that, on 27 November 1095, Pope Urban II officially announced The Crusades to kill Moslems. Europe, from that point on, was to be free not only of Jews, but of Muslims.) The Christian mobs, inspired by their preachers’ sermons that were quoting from the New Testament, already had started The Crusades unofficially against Jews in Europe, even before it officially began in 1095, to the south, against Muslims. The documentary isn’t ONLY about America and the Holocaust, but about the entire cultural West, or Europe (that is, the Christian or New-Testament realm), and the Holocaust. This broader focus always has been needed, because (despite Daniel Goldhagen’s writings to the contrary, which blame “Germans” only — as-if other Christians were inconsequential in it — which the Burns-Ward documentary proves to be massively false) so many non-Germans were eagerly assisting the Nazis and many other Germans, to punish, and ultimately kill, Jews, for being (or allegedly being) Jews. The essence of the Nuremberg laws had actually started by no later than the year 339, and were clearly based upon the Bible. In my 2000 book, WHY the Holocaust Happened, I documented that the Holocaust had been inspired by the Bible, which Hitler considered to be “the Monumental History of Mankind” (no mere myth) — and which likewise had poisoned the minds of millions of other Europeans. As I documented there, Hitler was so obsessed to exterminate all Jews, as to have even turned down the urgings from his generals, late in the conflict, to stop the trains to the mass-killing centers such as Auschwitz, in order for there to be enough trains made available to bring more soldiers and weapons to the battle-fronts. To Hitler, the prerequisite to his personal success would be exterminating all Jews. I got this from reading everything from Hitler. Finishing the Holocaust was more important than anything else in order for him to feel vindicated. He really believed that the Bible is “the Monumental History of Mankind.” He even rejected Darwin’s theory of the descent of Man. He had been brought up believing that “the Jews” (via John 8:44 and other New Testament passages) had been descended from the snake in Genesis 3 — Satan. By “Aryans” he meant pure-blooded Christians, descended from Adam and Eve. The idea of the Thousand-Year Reich came from Revelation 20:7-10. Thus, he told Bishop Berning on 26 April 1933, “I am doing what the Church has done for 1,500 years. I am simply finishing the job.” On 18 December 1926, he told a group of followers, “The teachings of Christ have laid the foundations for the battle against Christ as the enemy of Mankind; the work that Christ began, I shall finish.” He insisted that Jesus was no Jew, and had not descended from any. Moreover, to Hitler, “race” was in the blood, NOT in any genes. However, one didn’t need to hear Hitler’s speeches, nor read Mein Kampf, etc., in order to be able to believe that, as Matthew 23:33-36, John 8:43-47, Thessalonians 2:14-16, and other biblical passages, argued, Jews are the worst of the worst, which Hitler was persuaded of, by his private readings of that “Monumental History of Mankind.” The Burns-Ward documentary makes the case that the Holocaust very definitely was a Christian event, and not ONLY a German event. The evidence that it presents includes not ONLY German, but ALSO European and American Christianity. Without that outside support, Hitler could not have done it. That, too, is clear from their The U.S. and the Holocaust. The documentarians could achieve this only by means of opening the scope of their investigation wide enough so as to see what has been ignored for way too long by other ‘historians’ — that the guilt in it wasn’t ONLY German. The allegations that it was only German are lies; it was Christian. And it was the most evil act in all of human history. It was done by “us,” not ONLY by Germans. The documentary makes clear that though there also were a minority of Christians who opposed the Holocaust, that was ONLY a minority.

Biden worseHow, then, might Joe Biden turn out to be even worse than was Adolf Hitler?

Originally, the Cold War had been alleged to be ideological, “capitalism versus communism,” but, after George Herbert Walker Bush secretly informed America’s allied heads-of-states, starting on 24 February 1990, that they were secretly to move forward with the Cold War even after Gorbachev would soon end both the Soviet Union and its communism and its Warsaw Pact military alliance, until Russia itself ultimately will itself become conquered by the U.S. alliance (NATO), the U.S. regime made clear only by its actions, and not by any words, that its supreme goal is regime-change in Moscow. It has proceeded along this path systematically by overthrowing, first, all national leaders — such as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad, and Viktor Yanukovych — who are not hostile toward Russia. And, now, it is focusing increasingly upon regime-change in Moscow itself. This is where Biden comes in, because he is trying everything short of actually invading Russia itself — which would mean the final global nuclear war phase of WW III — in order to achieve that objective. If he goes all the way to it, then regardless of whether the first side to employ nuclear weapons will be Russia or instead America, the blame will be entirely upon Biden, and not upon Putin; and here is why:

What is at stake for the U.S. regime is only the continuation of — and increase to universal — hegemony, of its status, as being the dominant world-power, so as to become the international rule-maker for the entire world, replacing the United Nations as being the international-law-maker for the entire world. It is status. But what is at stake for Russia now is instead existential; it is its sovereignty over its own territory, its own national independence, its avoiding to become ‘an ally’ — another vassal-nation — of the U.S. global-imperial regime. America’s takeover of Ukraine in 2014 was the start of the war there, and it has placed Putin into a corner, to which he responded on 24 February 2022, and to which response Biden is responding.

If the U.S. regime, under Biden, now forces the Russian Government to choose between either initiating the nuclear phase of WW III, or else surrendering its own national independence to the U.S. imperial regime, then Putin will almost certainly go nuclear, which I believe would be the correct choice; and here is why I do:

What is the correct response to an obsessively evil bully who offers you the option either to become a slave of his, or else to continue fighting him even if it might mean the death of both of you? Even if the opportunistic response would be to capitulate and become an evil person’s slave, would you not choose instead to fight, even if that might mean the end of you?

But what about if choosing to fight might result in the end of the entire world? Is that a world that you would want to be a part of? Who would? I suspect that most people would instead choose death. Some would not, but what would it actually mean to become a slave of an evil person? It means to do evil things. That then is what surrendering would mean. I would therefore advise Putin (or his successor) to say no, even if it would mean my own death. A chance for freedom from an evil force is worth the risk of death. So: whatever the outcome of this would be, the blame must go to the bully — not to his victim.

If Biden goes all the way, he’ll be even worse than Hitler. Fewer than 100 million people were killed in WW II. At least 6 billion probably would be killed from WW III and its aftermath. And if that happens, then Biden — and all U.S. Presidents ever since 1990, and even extending back to 25 July 1945 — would be to blame for it. Because, what’s really needed is instead a U.S. President who condemns and repudiates the decision that Truman made on 25 July 1945, and that Bush continued on 24 February 1990, for the U.S. Government to take over the entire world. That’s what an honorable U.S. President would do. Will America, ever again have (as we did have in both FDR and Lincoln), an honorable President? We need it (and so does the entire world) — and soon.

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