How Deceived Are Publics In The West About The Ukraine War?

Compare Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 with America’s, and UK’s, invasion of Iraq in 2003:

First, consider this 11-minute video about the origin of the war in Ukraine.

Second, consider this article about the origin of the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Third, consider this article, which has lots more about the origin of the war in Ukraine.

Fourth, consider that when I had submitted to 300 national and international English-language news-media an article titled “Why was America’s invasion of Iraq OK but Russia’s invasion of Ukraine not?” only one of them published it. (It’s a site that Google bans to show in its web-searches.) Recently, I documented that, actually, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was necessary, but America’s invasion of Iraq was an international war-crime, for which George W. Bush should have been executed. Let’s see how many ‘news’-media will publish it: the title is “Is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine really worse than America’s & UK’s invasion of Iraq was?”

Deceived publicsHowever, when the U.S.-and-allied propaganda-organ, quora dot com (which solicits opinions from the public regarding thousands of topics), posted an article with the slanted title “What makes the Russian invasion of Ukraine morally and ethically worse than the US invasion of Iraq?”, and posted there lots of opinions from the public, all of those opinions were seeking to justify America’s invasion and occupation of Iraq and were ignorant that the person posting — the given author there — is still fooled by the lies from the U.S. Government and from its propaganda-media.

That is how effective the U.S.-and-allied censorship is.

A poll published by the New York Times (which obviously is part of the “mainstream media”) on 18 October 2022, asked, regarding various entities, whether the given entity poses a “threat to democracy” in the United States; and, by far, #1, with 59% saying it is a “major threat to democracy,” were “the mainstream media.” Considering how deceitful those media were regarding both the Iraq issue and the Ukraine issue, it’s good that the vast majority of Americans distrust and fear the “mainstream media,” but the billionaires have prepared for that by buying control of almost all of the “alternative media” also. The result is that Democratic Party voters trust the media that are controlled by Democratic Party billionaires, and Republican Party voters trust the media that are controlled by Republican Party billionaires. A rational response by the public would be to distrust all politicians and all ‘news’-media (including social media, which, in some ways, have become the most influential of the “mainstream media”).

Another significant difference between the 2003 U.S.&UK invasion of Iraq versus the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine is that whereas in the Russian case it was an invasion against a neighboring country that had been taken over by a U.S. coup in 2014 and transformed from internationally neutralist to internationally rabid against Russia on Russia’s border; in the U.S.&UK case, it was an invasion against a far-away country that posed no threat against the invading countries. So: whereas Russia had a vital national-security interest to invade its post-coup rabidly anti-Russian neighbor Ukraine, U.S.&UK had no national-security interest to invade the far-away land of Iraq.

Why do none of The West’s propaganda-media report these facts? Why are Western publics ignorant of these facts? Does this mean that these are the most-crucial facts to know about the invasion of Ukraine (and about the invasion of Iraq — and about the ‘news’-media in The West) in order to understand these matters?

Please file and share this article, since mainstream media won’t. Unlike so many other news-articles, this one links directly to its sources so that the reader can evaluate on one’s own the veracity (or not) of its allegations. Wherever you’re reading this is therefore one of the very few good, honest, news-sites; so, it depends upon you to spread its news, since none of the billionaire-controlled sites will.

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