Why Nazis Overwhelmingly Support Ukraine Against Russia

Documented here will be the strong global support that Ukraine receives from the international racist-fascist (or “nazi”) movement.

As I headlined on November 6th and documented, “U.S. and Allies Vote For Nazism at U.N.” I mentioned there that “Ukraine is the only country that has almost always been joining America in opposing such resolutions.” Here, some of the reasons for that extraordinarily high support for racist-fascism — the ideology that’s known as nazism — within Ukraine, will be explained, so that the international support for Ukraine by nazis worldwide can be understood. But I should first note that this Ukrainian nazism has been concentrated especially in Ukraine’s northwest half, and most especially in the portion of Ukraine that is the nearest to Poland. In the last democratic Ukrainian election (after which two regions of Ukraine broke away from Ukraine and thereby removed themselves — overwhelmingly anti-nazi voters — from Ukraine’s electorate), which was the one that elected Yanukovych as President in 2010, those most-nazi areas of Ukraine were the regions which had voted above 80% for his opponent, Tymoshenko. By contrast, the most strongly anti-nazi parts of Ukraine were in its south, including Crimea, and in its far east, Donbass — the two parts that rejected Obama’s coup, which, in February 2014, had overthrown the President for whom they had voted over 70% (Yanukovych). That U.S. coup started Ukraine’s civil war and the new U.S.-installed Ukrainian Government’s war to get rid of as many anti-nazis as possible so as for nazis to be able to become ‘democratically elected’ in future Ukrainian elections — to give the coup lasting-power, and not again elect non-nazi governments.

On 25 February 2022, the New York Times headlined “Far-right militias in Europe plan to confront Russian forces, a research group says”, and reported that:

The Russian attack on Ukraine has prompted a flurry of activity among far-right European militia leaders, who have taken to the internet to raise funds, recruit fighters and plan travel to the front lines to confront the country’s invaders, according to a research group.

In recent days, militia leaders in France, Finland and Ukraine have posted declarations urging their supporters to join in the fight to defend Ukraine against a Russian invasion. The posts have been located and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, a private organization that specializes in tracking extremist groups.

Rita Katz, the director of SITE, said that numerous far-right white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups throughout Europe and North America had expressed an outpouring of support for Ukraine, including by seeking to join paramilitary units in battling Russia.

SITE is very highly regarded by the U.S. Government, and has long-standing relationships with blue-chip clients. Its client-list includes major banks and financial institutions, multinational oil & gas corporations, and a broad range of Fortune 500 corporations, as well as government agencies and private think tanks.

Vote for nazism at UN
The American flag flies with other nations’ flags outside the United Nations in New York City

As-of March 2nd, this is what was posted at SITE regarding the then-latest 10-day period’s reports in their section, “The Russia-Ukraine War: Continuous Developments on Extremist Activity”, and it displays the breadth and depth of international nazi support for Ukraine, against Russia:

Pan-Nordic Neo-Nazi Organization Opposes Ukraine-Russia “Brother War”

March 2, 2022

Prominent Pro-Russian Separatist Venue Solicits Funds for Militias in DNR

March 2, 2022

Alleged Far-Right US Military Veteran Intends to Travel to Ukraine to “Expel the Russians”

March 1, 2022

Far-Right Online Venues Coordinate Travel, Border-Crossing to Bring Europeans, North Americans to Ukraine

March 1, 2022

Crimean Tatar Commander Calls on Muslims to Abandon Russian Army, Fight Alongside Ukrainians

March 1, 2022

Leading Accelerationist Figure Announces Joining Ukraine Conflict to Incite Violence and Chaos, Urges Others to Follow

February 28, 2022

Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists Donate to Ukrainian Paramilitary Units

February 28, 2022

US Neo-Nazi Media Group Promotes Azov Call for Foreign Volunteers

February 28, 2022

Pro-Russian Separatists Solicit Funds for DNR Fighters on Major Payment Platforms, Including Western Union, PayPal, Bitcoin

February 27, 2022

Pro-Russian Separatists Solicit Donations via Major US, International Mobile Payment Platforms

February 26, 2022

Azov Battalion Announces New Cryptocurrency and IBAN Options for International Donors

February 26, 2022

Foreigner Social Media Accounts Pledge to Join Pro-Russian Separatist Military Unit in Donetsk

February 25, 2022

Pro-Russian Separatist Militias Recruit Volunteers in Donetsk, Luhansk

February 25, 2022

Albanian Neo-Nazis Declare Solidarity with Ukraine Amid Conflict with Russia

February 25, 2022

Azov Battalion Invites Foreign Volunteers to its Ranks, Prompting Interest from Supporters across the Globe

February 25, 2022

White Nationalist Movement Urges Racial Solidarity in Condemnation of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

February 25, 2022

German Neo-Nazi Parties Condemn Russia-Ukraine Crisis as Opposing “European Interests”

February 25, 2022

“Deep State’s Hiroshima”: Leaders, Supporters in QAnon Movement Overwhelmingly Support Russia in Ukraine Conflict

February 23, 2022

French White Nationalist Channel Declares Support for Ukraine, Promotes Solidarity across Europe

February 24, 2022

Finnish White Supremacists Align with Ukraine, Promote Donations and Enlistment in Far-Right Paramilitary Units

February 23, 2022

Nazi organizations throughout the world are passionately supporting Ukraine in this war.

On 4 March 2022, Alexander Rubinstein and Max Blumenthal, at The Gray Zone, bannered “How Ukraine’s Jewish president Zelensky made peace with neo-Nazi paramilitaries on front lines of war with Russia”, and explained how entirely beholden Zelensky is to Ukraine’s own nazi political and military organizations, and pointed out that “In its bid to deflect from the influence of Nazism in contemporary Ukraine, US media has found its most effective PR tool in the figure of Zelensky.”

The global nazi movement is supporting Ukraine in this war so as to assist the U.S. and its NATO military alliance ultimately to conquer Russia — a constant goal of NATO ever since its founding in 1949. During World War II, the Soviets had defeated Hitler and delivered the War’s victory to the Allies, against the united fascist nations or “Axis,” Germany, Japan, and Italy, but, most of all victory against Hitler, whose Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union consumed Hitler’s forces during 22 June 1941 to 7 January 1942, and which defeat of Germany (the first and biggest defeat of Germany in WW II) sealed Hitler’s doom, and was recognized both by FDR and Churchill as having decided the Allies’ ultimate win in WW II. Ever since the Nazis’ loss in Operation Barbarossa, nazis and their supporters throughout the world have hoped that with America’s and NATO’s support after WW II, they could ultimately achieve what they had failed to achieve under Hitler: conquest of Russia.

No public explanation has been provided by Ukraine and its NATO backers concerning why Nazi organizations throughout the world are passionately supporting Ukraine’s side in this war. The reason is that America’s billionaires benefit by these U.S.-regime foreign proxy-soldiers, from all over the world, serving as bargain-basement substitutes for U.S. troops — and all being paid by U.S. taxpayers. Furthermore: the American public don’t get the corpses back this way, and therefore they care far less about it than when America’s own troops die. I have dealt with that question (the emotional distancing of doing it by means of foreign proxy-soldiers) specifically in the following articles:

“Zelensky’s Secret CIA-Nazi Ukrainian Government”

“Ukraine Seizes Another Zelensky Critic, Labeling Him a ‘Traitor’”

“Nazi Germany is today, not MERELY in the past.”

“Why Germany Needs a Revolution, and What Type”

“How Germany’s Government Abuses the German Public to Serve U.S. Billionaires”

“How America Is Crushing Europe”

“Nazism of Ukraine’s Western-Backed Government Is Hidden by Western ‘News’ Media”

And this has been a very effective proxy-army for U.S.-and-allied billionaires. The scandals that became attached to America’s atrocities in Iraq are therefore not matters that disturb the consciences of America’s voters even to the minimal extent that happened regarding Iraq when America’s billionaires grabbed that nation using U.S. troops and U.S. mercenaries. But the atrocities that they’re perpetrating in Ukraine by means of global nazi forces are at least as bad:

“What Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did”

“How Our People Do Their Extermination-Jobs In Ukraine”

“VIDEOS: Ethnic Cleansing as a Political Tactic, Trashing Ukrainians”


“Independence Movement in Southeastern Ukraine Accuses Obama’s Agents of Slaughter”

“Brookings Wants More Villages Firebombed in Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’”

This is unfinished work from Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” against Russia, and nazis everywhere are glad to do it. It’s the sort of thing that nazis want to do; they are more than merely mercenaries. They hardly even need to be paid in order to do it.

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