Why Biden Refuses To Consider Russia’s Need For Self-Defense

When JFK dealt in 1962 with the Soviets’ threatened placement of its nuclear missiles in Cuba only 1,131 miles away from America’s command center Washington DC, a resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis was achieved because both the U.S. and the Soviet leader acknowledged the importance and the validity of each others’ refusing to allow the opposite side’s missiles to be stationed less than a 30-minute missile-flight time away from annihilating the opposite side’s central command — far too little time in which for that leader to verify the launch and press his own nuclear button.

If Ukraine were to join NATO, the U.S. would place its nuclear missiles on Ukraine’s Russian border only 317 miles away from Russia’s central command in Moscow, which is a five-minute-flight-time away; and Russia refuses to allow this and has therefore invaded Ukraine in order to prevent it from being able to happen. Placing America’s missiles only 317 miles away from The Kremlin would be “Checkmate!” against Russia, and Russia won’t allow it, any more than America did in 1962 when Soviet missiles might be placed 1,131 miles away from DC.

But, whereas in 1962, neither the U.S. leader nor the Soviet leader was an evil person whose primary goal in life was to conquer the other side even if destroying the world in the process, that isn’t so this time, because the U.S. leader, Joe Biden is precisely that evil person, who will and does risk the world in order to conquer the world.

Biden Refuses
President Biden with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (third from left) and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mark Milley (right)

On 17 December 2021, Russia delivered both to America’s leader and to the leader of America’s anti-Russian military alliance NATO a demand for a written promise that Ukraine — the nation nearest to Moscow — will never be a member of NATO and that in the future, NATO will consider Russia’s essential needs for self-defense and not ONLY its own; but, on 7 January 2022, both America and its NATO anti-Russian alliance said no to that demand; and this was when Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, had to — for the sake of world peace and especially of all Russians — invade Ukraine in order to achieve by force what was impossible to achieve by conscience and common decency by such mutual concern on both sides, for the sake of avoiding any possible blitz-nuclear attack by either side, as had been attained between JFK and Khrushchev in 1962.

The U.S. regime and its NATO military alliance against Russia had forced Russia to invade Ukraine, and must therefore be held responsible to pay restitution to the Ukrainian people for the damages that result from that decision by Russia, which decision to invade had been forced upon Russia by Russia’s unimaginably evil opponent, America and its anti-Russian military alliance, NATO. The aggression here was U.S. President Barack Obama’s February 2014 coup which grabbed control of Ukraine’s government and turned it against Russia, and was NOT Russia’s necessary response to that, on 24 February 2022, which WAS A DEFENSIVE ACTION AGAINST THE AMERICAN AGGRESSOR (NOW INCLUDING ITS ENTIRE NATO ANTI-RUSSIA ALLIANCE) THAT THE EVIL AMERICAN REGIME AND ITS VASSALS HAD FORCED RUSSIA TO DO.

The reason why Biden refuses to consider Russia’s need for self-defense is that the U.S. regime and its NATO alliance of anti-Russian vassal-nations is designed for an ultimate conquest of Russia instead of for preventing each side (including America) from conquering the other (including Russia).

America must pay restitution to the people of Ukraine, for (since February 2014) using them as canon-fodder in America’s war since 1945 to conquer Russia so as to add it to the U.S. empire as its largest vassal-nation — which the Russian people are determined will never happen, no matter what. If the world will not stop the U.S. imperial regime, then Russia will, even if that is going to entail destruction of the entire world. Each and every nation (including Russia) has the right to self-defense; and no nation and no empire of nations has any right to checkmate any nation (such as America intends to do to Russia).

The Hitlers of our time are the leaders of the American empire — which is the only empire that still exists. It must be allowed to be stopped now (by Russia, and by China) at the borders of Russia, and of China, both of which will resist it with every power at their disposal, without limit. The international dictatorship, America, must end now. Or else the world itself will.

That is what the war in Ukraine (which Obama started) is all about: drawing the line that ends the American empire and the numerous coups and wars of conquest that it has been promulgating and imposing ever since the end of WW II. Finally ending it.

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