Bipartisan Committee Of 8 Neoconservatives Appointed To Advise Congress On Pentagon Budget

On January 11th, the House and Senate Armed Services Committees appointed a Commission of eight neoconservatives (otherwise called “defense hawks,” or, in more ordinary terms, supporters of U.S. invasions and of military defense contractors) to advise them on the Pentagon existing budget for the coming fiscal year. Some of them have been MIC (military industrial complex) executives; others have been advisors to members of Congress, and the Chair, Jane Harman, was a leading member of several defense-related House committees, as well as of defense-related nonprofits (think tanks).

Called the Commission on the National Defense Strategy, the Commission’s stated purpose is “to provide an independent review and assessment” of the Pentagon’s National Defense Strategy.

LloydCongress recently has been seeking higher Defense spending than the White House proposes, and this Commission will be well suited to recommending that.

The Commission’s Chair will be Democrat Jane Harman.

Its Vice Chair will be Republican Eric Edelman.

The other six members will be:

Jack Keane

Thomas Mahnken

Roger Zakheim

Mara Rudman

Mariah Sixkiller

Alissa Starzak

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