Ukraine’s & Russia’s Defense Ministers Agree (But NATO Disagrees): War in Ukraine is Between NATO & Russia, NOT Ukraine & Russia

On January 10th, Russia’s Defense Minister, Nikolai Patrushev said: “The events in Ukraine are not a clash between Moscow and Kyiv – this is a military confrontation between Russia and NATO, and above all the United States and Britain.”

Earlier, on January 8th, Ukraine’s Defense Minister, Oleksii Resnikov had said: “The main threat to the [NATO] alliance” is “the Russian Federation. Today Ukraine is eliminating this threat. We are carrying out NATO’s mission today. They aren’t shedding their blood. We’re shedding ours. That’s why they’re required to supply us with weapons.”

NATO vs RussiaThey both agree that the war in Ukraine is a proxy-war for NATO (the U.S., UK, and EU) against Russia, in which the battlefields are in Ukraine, and that this is not a war that Ukraine and Russia are waging against each other. They agree that Ukraine is helping NATO to defeat Russia in Ukraine’s battlefields, and is expending Ukrainians’ “blood” in order to achieve this objective of NATO, instead of this war’s being NATO helping Ukaine to defeat Russia.

None of the mainstream, and almost none of the non-mainstream, news-media, in U.S.-and-allied countries, are presenting this war in that way: instead, it is being presented as being NATO choosing to help Ukraine to defeat Russia. Ukraine’s Defense Minister is saying: We wage NATO’s war; NATO supplies weapons. “Like a real shield, [Ukraine] is defending the entire civilized world, the entire West,” from the Russians, he alleges, while he goes on to assert that the New Year’s greetings that he had received “from Western defense ministers” were “to that effect.” However, virtually no news-media in The West have been presenting the war in this way. To the contrary: it is being presented as being a war between Ukraine and Russia, not as being a war between NATO and Russia.

Here are some of the statements that NATO itself has officially made about this matter, during the year 2022:

“NATO is not a threat to Russia.”  “NATO has tried to build a partnership with Russia, developing dialogue and practical cooperation in areas of common interest. Practical cooperation has been suspended since 2014 in response to Russia’s illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea, Ukraine, which NATO will never recognise.” “NATO is not at war with Russia.”

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