Day: January 28, 2023

Russian soldier

Russia Open To Discuss Arms Control With US But Seeks ‘Understanding About The Parameters And Principles Of Coexistence’

Bang in the middle of the brouhaha over the decision by the US and its European allies to supply Abrams and Leopard battle tanks to Ukraine, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov messaged to Washington on Thursday that arms control “cannot exist in isolation from military-political and geo-strategic realities” and, […]

NATO in panic

NATO Panics, Escalates Big Arms To Ukraine; U.S. ‘Will Increase Artillery Production Sixfold’; Brian Berletic: Only MICs Gain From All This

On January 20th, the great American military and geostrategic analyst Brian Berletic, who has had a stunningly high percentage of his predictions turning out to have been 100% accurate, did a youtube at his “The New Atlas” Website, headlining “US, Allies Send More Weapons to Ukraine in Absence of Real […]