The U.S. Dictatorship

Only by means of intense deceit does the U.S. Government allege that it and its allies are ‘democratic’ and that the countries that they impose sanctions against and overthrow (or try to overthrow) in coups and invasions are not. Irrespective of whether some of the countries that the U.S. Government targets for overthrow are or are not dictatorships, America itself certainly is, and it has the world’s highest percentage of its population living in prison — which might suffice alone to qualify America as being a police-state — and perhaps the worst one.

Some of America’s allies are among the world’s best-known dictatorships, such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain; and such cases as those, alone, demonstrate without any doubt, that America’s many sanctions and coups and invasions have nothing to do with democracy versus dictatorship, but are pure PR in order to fool the gullible throughout the world to believe the U.S. Government’s lies to the effect that these aggressions against so many countries (such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Guatemala, Chile, Iran, Libya, Indonesia and so many others) are decent or even nobly intentioned, when the fact is that America is simply the world’s worst police-state, and is lying in order to deceive the global public to believe that it’s instead the global champion of democracy and of freedom. All of America’s foreign policies are justified wholly or partly on the basis of lies — intent to deceive fools. Is it not, by now, clear that the time is long-since past when anyone should continue to accept that intensely deceitful regime’s lies and its constant aggressions?

US dictatorship_2What kind of international leadership is it that the world’s most powerful country — a country such as this — is any longer allowed to lie and claim that it represents democracy and freedom while the countries that it sanctions and coups and invades represent the opposite? When will a profoundly corrupt Government such as this, become condemned by a majority of the nations in the U.N. General Assembly — instead of for the UNGA members to continue to cower in fear of it and so to refrain from saying what is by now manifestly the case: that “This Emperor has no clothes”?

If hypocrisy is the worst sin, then can there any longer remain doubt as to which of the world’s Governments is the the world’s worst sinner? Would the world be better off to continue allowing such a Government to continue touting itself to be ‘the leader of the free world’ which is actually leading the world into what keeps getting closer to a World War Three against Russia and against China and against Iran; or, instead, for the countries of the world to state clearly and openly, that this fraud must now end, and that all of the global bully’s honors and privileges are founded on fraud, and must now cease?

After WW II, the U.S. regime perpetrated at least 130+ U.S. invasions (out of 161 foreign military deployments of U.S. troops during 1945-2021, not even including The U.S. Government’s usage of proxy-forces instead of U.S. troops, such as is now the U.S. regime’s standard way of invading).

After World War II ended, the U.S. regime slaughtered or assisted in slaughtering, between 1945 and 2007 (and not even counting more recently, such as in Syria and Yemen), “between 20 and 30 million people in wars and conflicts scattered over the world”. (This count also doesn’t include the numbers, such as in Iraq after the 1990 war, which died as a result of U.S.-initiated sanctions against countries that America’s billionaires wanted to bring under their control that weren’t yet under their control.)

As a consequence of the reality of post-1944 America’s being fascist-imperialist (and its consequent record of doing far more invasions and coups, and sanctions, than any other country does), overwhelmingly the highest percentage of people polled throughout the world on questions of which country poses the greatest or biggest threat to peace in the world say that that country is the United States. No other country comes even close.

When will the world speak out against the global bully? Has not the time yet come to do so?

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