Leaked From Mossad?: War Losses Of Russia & Ukraine

On January 25th, Turkiye’s Hürseda Haber somehow leaked online, allegedly from Israel’s Mossad, the losses by both Ukraine and Russia, thus far in Ukraine’s war:


157,000 Dead

234,000 injured

17,230 Captives

234 Dead – NATO military trainers (US and UK)

2,458 Dead – NATO soldiers (Germany, Poland, Lithuania, …)

5,360 Dead – Mercenaries

302 Planes

212 Helicopters

497 Air defense systems

2,750 (S)UAV

6,320 Tanks and armored vehicles

7,360 Howitzer (Artillery systems)

Ukraine soldierRUSSIA:

18,480 dead

44,500 Injured

323 Captives

23 Planes

56 helicopters

12 Air defense systems

200 (S)UAV

889 Tanks and armored vehicles

427 Howitzer (Artillery systems)

These figures were reported also in a confusing February 7th youtube from Kim Iversen, mixing it in with lots of irrevevant information, and racing it by, far too fast for hearers to assimilate or intelligently evaluate. Thus far, almost 3,000 reader-comments have been posted to it.

As regards the reliability of the Hürseda Haber report, each reader will have to evaluate that oneself. However, if the report is anywhere near accurate, then Ukraine has lost around 8.5 soldiers dead for every one Russian soldier dead, and the other multiples are: 5.25 Injured, 15 Planes, 4 Helicopters, 41 Air Defense Systems, 14 UAV’s, 7 Tanks, and 17 Howitzers.

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