How Russians View The War In Ukraine

The vast majority of Russians know about the war in Ukraine many important facts that Western audiences don’t know and have never been informed of. Almost all Russians know the history of that war’s start in February 2014, its start that’s shown with actual video clips of its start, and which 10-minute video of its start became first posted to youtube on 12 March 2014. (This 10-minute video is entirely true, and it fairly represents the key videoed events that are summarily shown and described in it, such as this event, in which Obama’s agent instructs America’s Ambassador in Ukraine whom to get appointed to run the post-coup-government, and such as this event, in which the EU foreign-relations chief first learns, on 26 February 2014, that it had been a coup and not anything democratic.) So: Russians see this war in Ukraine as a war to undo an American coup that had culminated during 20-27 February 2014 that the EU didn’t even know about until 26 February 2014 but that the EU then accepted and tried to get as much out of it as they could. This U.S. coup threatens Russians because if America gets to post its missiles in Ukraine, on Russia’s border only 300 miles away from Moscow, then America will have checkmated Russia, by being able then to decapitate Russia’s central command within only five minutes, which would be far too quick for Russia to be able to launch its retaliatory weapons; and a Russian surrender to the U.S. Government would then be assured. Russians don’t find that prospect tolerable, at all; so, they support, nearly by 100%, Russia’s military operation that started in Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

On 6 February 2023, and also written-up in an online article in Russia two days later, a Russian political scientist explained why Russia’s Government will either win this war militarily in the correct way, or else lose it ultimately if Russia’s Government fails to do that — to win it correctly. Following here is the article (translated into English) that they posted online, in which he explains why and how this is so — why Russia needs to drive America’s control over Ukraine, which started in that coup, entirely out of all of Ukraine, and not leave any part of Ukraine remaining under the control of the U.S. Government:

—— (Russian original) (archive of it)

8 February 2023


The US is ready to surrender Ukraine, but not all of it. Leonid Krutakov is sure that the special operation must be brought to its logical conclusion. In his opinion [aired on 6 February 2023], Russia is being led into a trap. The West may make concessions, but the deal risks turning into a new time bomb for Moscow.

Ukraine warThe Western press suddenly began to disperse decadent moods regarding the prospects for the development of the conflict in Ukraine, the host of the “First Russian” Nikita Komarov drew attention on the air of the program “Tsargrad. Main” .

According to the German newspaper Die Welt, Kyiv is practically doomed – its chances of winning tend to zero. The article explains that Ukrainian troops will soon run the risk of being left with virtually no weapons and fighters. Supplies from the US and the EU, as well as the help of mercenaries, can only slightly and for a short time alleviate the situation.

In this regard, the publication expects that parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon be forced to leave Bakhmut — which is of great strategic importance — due to serious losses.

The host of the “First Russian” program pointed out that such an assessment by Die Welt is surprisingly true, but there is some kind of catch in such defiantly decadent rhetoric. Political scientist Leonid Krutakov , an associate professor at the Financial University under the Government of Russia, agreed with him live.

The West is testing the soil

The interlocutor of Tsargrad did not rule out that such publications in Europe are simply  preparing public opinion for the opening of the next deliveries of heavy weapons to Ukraine:

“However, one does not exclude the other [possibility]. Probably, in the US and the EU they want, on the one hand, to mislead us, and on the other hand, to use at least some truthful information, because you cannot build propaganda or information policy solely on outright lies.”


Can’t relieve pressure

In any case, it is important for Russia not to lose vigilance and to develop the pace of the offensive. It must be remembered that if Moscow today gives up and turns back, then the fake about “Russian aggression” will be fixed in the minds of people forever, since history is written by the winner.

“‘If the special operation does not end in Kiev with a process of denationalization, a real tribunal similar to the Nuremberg one – with documents, with proof of guilt, with a historic verdict – then the SVO [Special Military Operation] will become an alleged crime of Russia in the history of Western thought,’ the expert explained.”

That is, the current Russophobic rhetoric will no longer be just a temporary political tool, but a legalized “truth” that will be instilled in new generations under the guise of history.

“And Russia will turn into a kind of Mordor. Gradually, of course, they will begin to shake hands with us again, as it was in the Soviet period, but they will still continue to consider us animals, the political scientist concluded.”

Moscow is preparing [against] a new trap

At the same time, within the framework of the SVO, it is necessary not only to liberate another part of the territory, but also to finally demolish the Kiev regime. If the nationalist leadership remains, Washington will certainly take advantage of this and prepare a new time bomb for Russia.

“‘It is fundamentally important for the West to preserve at least some remnant of Ukraine. Because you need a state that will lay claim to Russian territories. And we need such a political institution, that abscess that will disperse Russophobia around the world,’ Krutakov explained.”

So, on the basis of the Bandera [Ukrainian nazi] movement, a whole state was raised, completely based on the principle of “Anti-Russia”. It can hardly be expected that the United States will abandon this project.

At the same time, they are ready to sacrifice part of the territories controlled by Kiev – to give 20, 30 or even 40 percent. The fact is that such an alignment, in a certain sense, plays into the hands of the American authorities.

“Now one can only imagine with horror what kind of hatred for Russia they will instill in people who remain on a piece of Ukraine,” the interlocutor of Tsargrad emphasized.

More about the political background of the conflict – in the video version of the program “Tsargrad. Main”.


Krutakov’s basic argument is that unless Russia removes U.S.-Government control over every part of Ukraine, Washington will win this war, by means of propaganda, if not by means of placing its missiles only 5 minutes away from Moscow. This argument is now public in the Russian-language media-space. I am now submitting it to all Western news-media, in order to give them the opportunity to present it to Western audiences too.

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