John Mearsheimer’s Misrepresentations In Order To Be Allowed Space On U.S. Propaganda-Media (i.e., U.S. ‘News’-Media)

The deceptions by Professor Mearsheimer aren’t even noticed by the ‘news’-media that pump them, but here is a typical example of such misrepresentations — false framings by him — of major historical events; and I mark, in it, my disproofs of each one of the false statements within this brief passage; and I link, in each case there, through all the way to the primary evidence that exposes (that physically shows) the liar’s lies there — the lies that cause him to be acceptable for Western mainstream ‘news’-media to publish. So: this will be an indictment of the press, and also of scholarship (since Mearsheimer is a prominent academic) in the U.S.-and-allied countries.

Here is the opening of the passage, even before he starts pouring on the falsehoods in the main part, which will follow immediately after it:

3 March 2022, “Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Salon”, 8:20-, John Mearsheimer:

8:20: The first crisis [NOTE: HE DOESN’T CALL IT A “COUP” (WHICH IT WAS): HE DOESN’T SAY “the first crisis was a coup, and it”] broke out in February 2014. The way I like to think about this

8:26: is that you had a major crisis in February 2014, broke out that day [NOTE HIS PASSIVE TENSE THERE: “IT BROKE OUT”], then you had a major

8:33: crisis breaking out in December of last year, that’s December 2021, and on

8:40: February 24th of this year the war started now.

Note that a deceiver uses the passive tense in order to confuse the listener as to who did what, whom is really to blame — it marks a professional, very slick, liar. Anyone who uses the passive tense unnecessarily (such as here) should be presumed to be a liar — not to be trustworthy.

John Mearsheimer
John Mearsheimer

And here is the passage itself, at 8:40-9:59, which is loaded with misrepresentations:

3 March 2022, “Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine Salon”

8:40: What about this crisis in February of

8:49: 2014, February 22nd to be exact? It was precipitated in large part by

8:57: a coup that was supported [NO: IT WAS PERPETRATED] by the United States that took place in Ukraine

9:03: and resulted in a pro-Russian [NO: HE WAS ONLY NEUTRALIST] leader president Yanukovych being overthrown

9:10: and being replaced by [NOTE THE PASSIVE TENSE THERE] a pro-American [NO: BY A RABIDLY ANTI-RUSSIAN & PRO-NAZI] prime minister [WHOM THE OBAMA REGIME THEN INSTALLED — and that’s the reason why he had used the passive tense: he is hiding this crucial fact, so didn’t say “and Obama replaced him by”].

9:15: The Russians found this intolerable. At the same time they were debating

9:21: with the West and with the Ukrainians over EU expansion, and always in the

9:28: background at that point in time was NATO expansion. This blew up [MORE OF PASSIVE TENSE (and so he ignores WHY & HOW it ‘blew up’, or what that ambiguous phrase even means here)] and it had two consequences.

9:34: One is that the Russians in effect took Crimea away from Ukraine for themselves [NO: CRIMEANS WERE PHYSICALLY THREATENED & ATTACKED BY THE COUP-REGIME AND OVERWHELMINGLY WANTED RUSSIA TO PROTECT THEM].

9:40: They had no intention of ever letting Sevastopol become a U.S. base [WHICH WAS PART OF OBAMA’S PLAN — to grab Russia’s largest naval base, which was there, At Sevastopol in Crimea, and to transform it into another U.S. naval base].


9:52: in eastern Ukraine, and of course that civil war festered well after 2014.

This recent statement from Mearsheimer reiterated his “The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin”, in the September/October 2014, Foreign Affairs, published by the Rhodesist American (Rockefeller-Morgan founded) Council on Foreign Relations. His article there said that “Elites [WHAT ‘Elites’?] in the United States and Europe have been blindsided by events [WHAT ‘events’?],” because they have a “flawed view” (not a vicious, or even just a “false” view, but merely “flawed” — and he doesn’t so much as hint at in what way “flawed”) including “such liberal principles as the rule of law, economic interdependence, and democracy,” which “went awry in Ukraine [and, again, he doesn’t hint at in what way ‘awry’],” and he alleged (which likewise misrepresents) that Gorbachev and the Soviet Union had wanted that “NATO stay intact, an arrangement they thought would keep a reunified Germany pacified.” But in fact: Gorbachev recognized that NATO was America’s military alliance against Russia, and he therefore wanted Russia to be allowed into NATO so as to end that Cold War, by ending NATO as being a military alliance against Russia), but since GHW Bush wouldn’t allow that, Gorbachev insisted that America promise to him that NATO would not expand at all to the east of what then was East Germany. Gorbachev was repeatedly given those assurances, by U.S. President GHW Bush’s representatives. But, secretly, Bush started telling his subordinates, on 24 February 1990, that those promises were not to be kept, meaning that NATO would, indeed, extend eastward (despite those verbal promises), right up to Russia’s borders (such as in Ukraine, which is only 317 miles from Moscow), until Russia itself will become forced to be a U.S. ‘ally’ (colony).

Of course, Mearsheimer is hardly the only leading supposed ‘challenger’ to the U.S. Establishment who is critical of it while accomodating and expressing enough of its required lies so as to continue being publishable in U.S.-and-allied lands. There are some truths that every mainstream, and almost every non-mainstream, news-media are prohibited (not by law, but by the powers that U.S.-and-allied billionaires possess and routinely use) to publish. (Each of the links here is to precisely such banned information.)

Even the most-honest of the Establishmentarians, Professor Jeffrey Sachs, said, on 28 September 2022, that “in 2014, the US helped to overthrow Yanukovych”, which likewise misrepresents the U.S. Government’s role there, as having been to assist instead of to plan and carry out — with its hired help from both Ukrainian and foreign nazis — what was actually a U.S. coup in Ukraine. (And his article, too, fails even to mention that it WAS a “coup.”) Even in 2022, Sachs (like Professor Stephen Cohen and his wife’s The Nation magazine had always done and which I had always protested their doing) refused publicly to use the honest word “coup” for that coup, and to make clear that it had been specifically a U.S. coup there. Mearsheimer hides that information, and Cohen (now deceased) hid that, and even Sachs — and even now — hides that crucial fact. It WAS a U.S. coup. One cannot understand the war in Ukraine without knowing that fact.

Scholars who hide that the overthrow in February 2014 of Ukraine’s democratically elected Government was a U.S. coup there, instead of its having been any type of democratic revolution in Ukraine, is a liar who needs to hide this in order to be able to get any airing on U.S.-and-allied ’news’-media and scholarly platforms. This — and all of the other Western lies about Ukraine — constitutes U.S.-and-allied samizdat.

The source of all these lies isn’t the journalists and scholars who produce and present them and were hired to do that; it is instead the owners, who won’t allow the crucial truths to be published on the platforms that they own and control. And that’s why the best journalists and scholars are now unemployable in U.S.-and-allied countries: such as Seymour Hersh, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, George Eliason, Nafeez Ahmed, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, Glenn Greenwald, Dan Cohen, Aaron Maté, and Max Blumenthal. It’s how we live in a dictatorship that CALLS ITSELF a “democracy.” It is the supremacy of hypocrisy.

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