Why America Is At War Against China & Russia

To boil it all down: it’s because all U.S. billionaires fund the political campaigns ONLY of candidates whose #1 priority (other than becoming elected and re-elected) is for the U.S. Government to increase the size of its empire at this time while its dominance and virtual control over all other countries is declining instead of continuing to increase as had been the case between 1945 and approximately 1995. Only politicians whose top priority is to continue expanding the U.S. empire can become elected. (Other politicians have underfunded campaigns: virtually no chance. Republican U.S. Supreme Court ‘Justices’ ever since 1976 have made corruption legal in U.S. politics, and then Democratic politicians, starting with Bill Clinton, caved-in to that, and have been competing that way — on the basis of corruption — against their Republican opponents, ever since; so that, now, both Parties are about equally corrupt.) That’s why there is this war by the U.S. against China and Russia (corruption controls America). This fact will be documented here, as the explanation for why America is at war against China and Russia. To understand this, requires documenting how the current American system actually functions. It’s not like the ‘history’ books, and the textbooks, say.

U.S. politics is controlled by wealth — the number of dollars that are owned and spent on politics — NOT on the number of voters: America is an aristocracy (of wealth) instead of a democracy (that represents the majority of the public). It’s based on deceit (such as this). (America’s war against China is based on deceit, and so is America’s war against Russiaboth of which wars, America’s ‘news’-media lie about.) And so, too, is the widely touted claim that today’s American Government is, itself, a democracy, a lie: a conclusively disproven lie. A democracy is controlled by its majority. America’s Government is anything but that. Only the super-rich control this Government.

On 31 October 2018, three political scientists documented that the wealthiest 1% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans — the wealthiest ten-thousandth of Americans — donate 57.16% of all the money that funds U.S. political campaigns. The “Top 400 Donors” (all of whom are multi-billionaires, not merely billionaires) donate 29.86%, or virtually 30%, of all political money, in the U.S. But, actually: only billionaires (and an occasional mere centi-millionaire) who are among the ten largest donors to U.S. politics in a Presidential-election year, have any real impact in determining whom America’s next President will be. Only those ten ultra-rich Americans do. And, from one Presidential ‘election’ to the next, many of those ten people will be the same both times. All of the other 332 million Americans are their subjects, not any country’s “citizens” (except, perhaps, on passports, etc.). But America isn’t a kingdom; it’s an aristocracy. (Of course, some kingdoms are representing their aristocracy and/or their theocracy, but, in any case, America is an aristocracy.)

Joe Biden
President Joe Biden listens as he meets virtually with Chinese President Xi Jinping from the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, 2021

Two prior studies, one in 2016, and the first one in 2014, had already demonstrated that, as I headlined about both of them in 2018, “America Is One-Dollar-One-Vote, Not Really One-Person-One Vote.” The breakthrough first study, in 2014, was brilliantly summarized and explained in a 6-minute video here. So: anyone who says that America’s Government is better than other Governments because it is a democracy is either a fool or else a liar. This myth has, by now, become buried so deep that only a second American revolution might be able to resurrect it to some sort of reality again.

On 29 March 2023, I headlined “ChinUssia Will Likely Become the World’s Dominant Nation”, and documented that whereas China now leads the world in human capital, and Russia overwhelmingly leads the world in physical capital, those two adjoining countries might become one country before the end of the present Century, but that this would pose no threat to America or to any country in the American empire, because both China and Russia are uniting together not on the basis of their existing strengths, but instead because of their deeply shared and mutual commitment to anti-imperialist ideology: the goal of replacing The West’s ideology since the year 1600 — the ideology of global imperialism — by a new world order, in which there will be no empires allowed, and in which the U.N. will instead be amended to become the all-inclusive democratic federal republic that includes and, democratically among nations, determines international laws, for all of the world’s nations. (This was Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dream.) What unites China and Russia more than anything else is their (or its) anti-imperialist ideology.

Already in both China and Russia, the billionaires don’t control the Government but instead are ruled by the Government; nor does any clergy control the Government, but all clerics are instead required to adhere to laws that no clergy has made. Neither country is either an aristocracy (like the U.S. is) nor a theocracy (like such countries as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, are).

The November 2022 issue of American Affairs Journal contained a very important article, “Assessing the Russian and Chinese Economies Geostrategically”, by Jacques Sapir, professor and director of studies at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris. Anyone who doubts my hypothesis that The West has been hiding the extent to which China and Russia are already better prepared to lead the world’s future than The West (and especially than America) is, should read it. But what might be even more important to understand is that and how America’s aristocracy have, in fact, been ruling the world ever since 25 July 1945. That was a post-WW-II restoration of the old world order, of empires controlling the world; but, this time, there is only one empire, the American empire. FDR had invented the U.N. to eliminate and replace all empires, but his successor Truman trashed that plan. Truman’s plan for a single world empire encompassed not only NATO and ultimately what became the EU, but the entire “Washington Consensus” that rules internationally today and is based upon the dollar’s being the international reserve currency. This Truman-created ‘new world order’, which actually is the old world order but with America’s aristocracy being on top, is crumbling now.

We are about to enter an actually new world, and it might happen much faster than people today expect — during the lifetimes of individuals who are living today.

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