Which Countries, In Retrospect, Performed The Best & Worst Against Covid-19?

Ever since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, the best website for being able to compare the performances of all countries on covid-19 has been and remains:


If you scroll down a bit to the “Daily New Cases” chart (or graph) and the “Daily Deaths” one, you will see that the numbers of daily new cases peaked during January 2022 to a height around four times bigger than ever before, and that the daily deaths only doubled and never reached the numbers of daily deaths that had been reached in January 2021, which was around 40% higher than that; and those two peaks have been the peaks, from which all of the numbers have been subsiding, so that a strong likelihood now exists that the covid-19 pandemic is fading down to or near an end. The fact that any surges in daily-new-cases are producing decreasing surges in daily-death rates indicates that treatment-methods have been improving, which is what one would expect to see in a society within a species in which science exists; so: that is an optimistic indicator both for future covid-19 trends (toward treatment-improvements) and for the human species (i.e., that it is at least somewhat scientific, not stupid).

The second thing to notice will become visible if you then go here and scroll down to the row titled “World” and look across it to the right where it says “87,823” and immediately above that is the column-heading “Tot Cases/1M pop” which indicates that, globally, covid-19 has by now hit 87,823 per million people. This is a very important number, because it indicates the worldwide average: any nation which has a higher number than that in the “Tot Cases/1M pop” column is worse than average; any nation which has a lower number than that average is better than average.

Covid19So: now, let’s go to the national rankings:

For example, if you want the rankings on total cases per 1 million population, go to the column that is headed “Tot Cases/1M pop” and click that heading once and you see that the worst is listed first, Faeroe Islands, right now at 703,959 cases per million, and at the far right there is the column headed “Population,” and that is 49,233, so it’s just a tiny nation. If you click the column-heading “Tot Cases/1M pop” again, the best performing nation is Western Sahara, at only 16 cases per million, and the population there is 626,161; so, that too is less than 1,000,000 population. The world’s best-performing country is China, with only 347 cases per million, and their population is 1,448,471,400, the world’s largest; so, nobody can attribute that to mere good luck, such as perhaps in Western Sahara, which has very low population-density, the opposite of extremely population-dense China.

Of the roughly 225 countries that are ranked, China’s performance is clearly the best. Many of its nearest competitors on the list are poor African countries: Niger’s performance is right after China’s: 381 cases per million. I don’t see on the Web any articles or commentaries praising either China’s performance or Niger’s performance, but the World Bank has an article, “The World Bank in Niger” that’s “Last Updated: Mar 23, 2023” (quite recent) and it says, “After weak 1.4% GDP growth in 2021, economic growth in 2022 is estimated at 11.5%,” which suggests that Niger’s stellar performance on covid-19 could now be paying off in extraordinarily high GDP growth-rates, though the article doesn’t so much as even merely mention (far less to discuss and analyze the reasons behind) that nation’s outstanding covid-19 performance.

If you look at the worst-performing countries, other than the tiny ones such as the two worst, Faeroe Islands and San Marino, here, in order of badness, are the ones with populations higher than 5,000,000, as ranked when this article is being written:

(3) Austria, 666,458

(9) France, 607,263

(11) S. Korea, 601,882

(13) Greece, 578,255(

(17) Portugal, 549,928

(19) Denmark, 544,789

(23) Israel, 516,378

(26) Switzerland, 501,398

(27) Netherlands, 500,270

(37) Germany, 457,406

(40) Australia, 434,534

(41) Czechia, 431,760

(42) Taiwan, 428,656

(49) Singapore, 386,754

(50) Hong Kong, 379,434

(52) UK, 356,927

(55) Slovakia, 341,698

(56) Ireland, 340,119

(58) USA, 317,676

(66) Spain, 295,355

(67) Serbia, 291,505

(72) Chile, 273,792

(73) Norway, 268,817

(74) Japan, 266,752

(77) Sweden, 264,479

Those are the 25 worst-performing nations with over 5,000,000 population. The best of them, Sweden, has performed 264,479/87,823, or 3.01, times worse than the global average, of 87,823.

It looks like a list of the U.S.-and-allied countries. It even includes two ‘nations’ (according to U.S.-and-allied countries) that are actually mere provinces of China (according to the rest of the world): Taiwan and Hong Kong. Both of those bad-performing ‘countries’ are actually parts of the best-performing country, China, but are under administrations that are heavily influenced (if not dominated) by China’s enemies, the U.S.-and-allied group.

Perhaps the reason why news-media in U.S.-and-allied nations almost uniformly ignored the website www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries and cited instead, for covid-19 figures, competing websites that were user-hostile instead of (like that one) user-friendly, is that it is user-friendly, and that they didn’t want their reporters to be able to understand what was happening, or why, or make sense of it in a truthful way, which might put their nations in a very negative light.

That would be consistent with the two interconnected hypotheses (though it would not prove either of them to be the case, the proven scientific theory, on its respective topic) that: (hypothesis #1) the U.S. is a dictatorship (not a democracy); and, (hypothesis #2) that it is preparing for a full-scale World War Three to conquer China. In relation to the latter question (#2): covid-19 was part of a U.S. biowarfare program that was carried out in Wuhan to spark hatred against China. That fact lends further support to hypothesis #2. However, it would produce the counter-intuitive result that the Government (the U.S.) that engineered (not that produced, but that engineered=designed=planned) the covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) ended up being among the Governments that performed the worst in dealing with or taming or controlling the Frankenstein monster that it had designed, and that the Government that had been the target of that country (i.e., of the U.S.) was not only the one which ruled in the land to which the actual production of that virus had been contracted-out by that country, but was the one which turned out to be the world’s most effective at “taming” that beast. Sometimes, things that are counter-intuitive are true. However, when that is the case, a necessity exists to reformulate one’s understandings of reality, in such a way as to replace one’s existing intuitive interpretation of it, by one that is, instead, fully in accord with all aspects of the existing relevant reality concerning the matter.

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