To Ally With U.S. Today Is Like Being Allied With Hitler In The 1940s

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson is famous for being a 100% honest former member of America’s George W. Bush Administration — the chief deputy to Secretary of State Colin Powell — who went public afterward telling the world how evil that Government was, based upon what he saw and heard during that time. On April 6th, the transcript of an interview of him that had been aired on April 4th was posted online under the headline “U.S. Interference in the Middle East – 20 Years Since the U.S. Invasion of Iraq – Col. Larry Wilkerson”, which included this:

I said on Alhurra, the U.S. Department of States broadcast into the Arab world the other night to the interviewer who was asking me questions in Arabic, and it was translated in my ear. He asked me a question he’d asked a lot of other people who’d come up there, and they had given him a song and dance about how Iraq is great, it’s improving, and Saddam Hussein is gone. I said, “I’ll give you one more answer. It’s a disaster. It’s a disaster.” Then I described to him why I thought it was a disaster. Millions displaced, external refugees, internally displaced people, an economy that still hasn’t recovered, massive corruption in the government, Iranians in all the militia groups that really count, and on and on and on. The oil ministries are corrupt as heck. They haven’t even gotten to the place where they should be in terms of oil production.

At the end of the interview, which went on for about 20 minutes, he actually got out of his seat and came up to me and said, “I want to thank you.” In English, he said, “I want to thank you.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because you’re the first person that’s come on here and told the truth.”

I later said to the [inaudible 00:02:31] and Middle East broadcast network state’s replacement for Voice of America that goes into the Arab world, the reason Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera, and BBC are beating you in audience share and you only have 2% of the audience share is those people know you’re lying to them. … In the Levant, in large measure, is a disaster from Beirut to the other end of the Red Sea in Yemen because largely of what we did in 2003.

There is plenty of documentation proving the truth of that, such as I headlined about, on 29 September 2015, “GALLUP: ‘Iraqis Are the Saddest & One of the Angriest Populations in the World’”; and, on 25 January 2020, “U.S. ‘News’-Media Hide Truths So U.S. Public Supports Invasions”, reporting and documenting that

when the Trump regime refused to leave, a call went out by an opponent of the occupation, Muqtada al-Sadr, for Iraqis to march in Baghdad on January 24th to demand that the U.S. regime immediately comply with their Government’s demand; and, on the morning of Friday January 24th, America’s AP ‘news’ agency bannered “Iraqis rally against US troops, demanding they leave”, and reported: “Tens of thousands of Iraqis marched peacefully through Baghdad on Friday to demand the ouster of U.S. troops from their country. … There were no official estimates of the turnout and organizers gave varying figures, but it clearly fell short of the ‘million-man’ march that had been called for by al-Sadr.” That’s a lie, because there already had been tweeted photos and videos of the march showing that “This is a Million-Man miracle for the largest human gathering in Iraq’s history. This morning in the capital, Baghdad, struck by a two-million human-flood in a demonstration to expel American troops and to end their bases in Iraq.” And: “The Chief of Police in Baghdad just estimated the number of Iraqis protesting against the US’ presence in Iraq today to be in excess of one million people.” Photos like this were shown, which would never be shown in U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media. And this tweet showed four such photos, and said, “Over 8 Kilometres of packed streets with millions of Iraqis calling for FULL withdrawal of American forces from #Iraq.” That’s 5 miles packed with people, which would be around two million people. All of this was before the AP ‘journalists’ issued their ‘news’-report saying “Tens of thousands of Iraqis marched.”

And, yet, still, the U.S. regime continues its occupation of Iraq — as-if none of this had even happened.

President George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz visiting the Pentagon, March 2003

The U.S. Government and its colonies or vassal nations or ‘allies’ — the equivalents today of Hitler’s stooges and legions during World War II — pontificate about ‘democracy’ that’s based on deceiving their own publics, and they pontificate against Russia’s entirely justified invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 which they don’t even notice was an essential national security act by Russia in order to prevent U.S. missiles becoming placed on Ukraine’s border with Russia a mere 300 miles away from blitz-nuking Russia’s central command within just five minutes, much too fast for Russia to be able to launch its retaliatory missiles. By contrast, America and its allies invaded and destroyed Iraq solely upon the basis of lies.

How can one NOT conclude that today’s America is, indeed, the “The Greatest Threat to Peace in the World Today”, as Hitler’s regime was in the 1930s?

And there are so many other examples of the U.S. regime’s incessant lies, such as Syria, and the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, and much more. Is it not blatantly obvious, by now?

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