U.S. Tells Europe: Send Us More Business, Or Go To Hell!

The country that blew up the Nord Stream pipelines that were to supply cheap Russian energy to Europe is now threatening Europe to become sanctioned by America unless they cut off all business with Russia that the U.S. Government tells them to cut off.

According to a report by Fortune magazine on April 7th, under the headline “America has a message for countries and companies still doing businesses with Russia: You’re with us or against us”:

Top sanctions officials from the U.S. Treasury Department plan special international trips this month to pressure firms and countries still doing business with Russia to cut off financial ties because of the war on Ukraine.

The message is that those working with Russia’s government must decide:

1. Continue to provide Moscow with material support or

2. Keep doing business with countries that represent 50 percent of the global economy.

Those are the choices to be laid out, senior Treasury officials told reporters on a call Friday. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to preview the travel plans. …

This is war against Russia, and the U.S. Government is telling Europeans that to the extent they won’t be on America’s side in it, this will also be a war against them — a war against Europeans.

Biden angryThe U.S. Government is demanding: Send us more business, or go to hell!

They aren’t telling them to switch their business to Russia’s allies; if they would be doing that, such as by trading more with China, then U.S. sanctions will apply against China too, and so that business wouldn’t be able to last long.  The U.S. Government is, though indirectly, saying: Send more of your business our way — or else!

America is demanding its NATO allies on the other side of the Atlantic: Choose which side you are on, ours or theirs. For example: buy more of our liquefied natural gas that we condense and containerize and ship across the Atlantic to you, or else suffer the consequences.

If it’s instead manufactured goods that are involved, then America is demanding: buy them from us and from countries that we approve (i.e., countries that are “us,” not “them”), or else we will cut you off and do to you what we (and Norway, which is the main beneficiary of having blown up the Nord Stream) did to Nord Stream: cut off your sources of supply, by force, that you won’t cut off on your own, ‘voluntarily’.

This is the new “Free World” of American vassal-nations, and if you aren’t now ‘with us’ and doing what we demand you to do, then you are supporting “authoritarian regimes,” and we are against those and will be at war with them, never at peace with them — and we won’t be at peace with you or with any other enemy.

So: You are either with us, or you are against us. Choose! And we will then know whether to sell you our weapons, or instead to use them against you.

We will not relax in support of The Free World. And neither will you. Or else!

This is the same America it has been, at least ever since U.S. President George W. Bush first announced to the world, on 16 February 2002, that “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.” Being an ally of America now means being a slave to America. And anyone who’s not that, is America’s enemy. This is the basic message of today’s U.S. President, Joe Biden.

The Fortune article says:

Treasury officials Liz Rosenberg and Brian Nelson — specialists in sanctions and terrorist financing — will travel to Europe this month to meet with leaders of financial institutions in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. They plan to share intelligence on potential sanctions evaders and to warn of the potential penalties for failure to comply with international sanctions.

Rosenberg will also make a stop in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan to urge the country’s private businesses not to provide material or intelligence support to the Kremlin.

Kazakhstan has the longest border of any nation with Russia: 7,599 km = 4,721 mi. Unlike the existing NATO nations, which are to Russia’s west, it is to Russia’s south. China has the second-longest — 4,209 km = 2,615 miles — and the Biden Administration is now preparing to go to war against China too, and is increasingly putting pressure on Europe to trade less with that soon-to-be-officially designated “foreign adversary” of the United States.

It’s not enough to strangulate Russia from its west; they’re aiming to do this also from its south — and, soon, Europeans will be required to participate in that, too. America wants the entire world to strangulate Russia. And then to strangulate China, too.

So: the question for Europeans, now, is: Which side are you on? Are you against Russia (and, ultimately, China)? Or are you instead against America’s Government (which doesn’t represent the American people)?

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