U.S. Media Hide What He Sees: American Journalist In Donbass Reports About U.S. Censorship And Propaganda

One of the few American journalists who has come to specialize in reporting on American imperialism as it’s experienced by the residents in the countries that the U.S. regime has captured and controls — or else is trying to take over — is the independent international free-lancer Wyatt Reed, who also blogs as “End of Empire” at substack.

On April 8th, he did a terrific interview at youtube, with “Working Brother,” headlined “Russian propaganda, PTSD from Donbass, WWIII and Trump 2024 – WB Talks (52) to Wyatt Reed”. I tried to copy it here so that the youtube will last even if it gets yanked (since what it says is entirely true but no billionaire in the U.S.-and-allied countries would want it to be known and understood by the public — and that is why I am featuring it).

Here it is:


In it, he noted that today’s American police-state is a relatively new development here, and he said (at 24:00 in the conversation) that “The media used to have a somewhat adversarial relationship with the Government. Look back at the time [when] the Washington Post [actually the New York Times] published the Pentagon Papers, and you can see that very clearly. … It doesn’t exist any more.” The entire interview is an hour and twelve minutes, but I watched it because he covers an enormous range of important topics, and his understanding of the operations of what he calls “the ruling class in America” or “the U.S. elite,” is not only true but it is truth that’s banned from U.S.-and-allied major media and is even ignored by almost all of the U.S. empire’s minor media — prohibited to be mentioned in any of their media. He pointed out that ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ etc., are crucial to “the American brand,” and he credibly argued that this is the reason why almost all of America’s megacorporations and their media were and are supporting the Democratic Party now against Trump, who openly mocks their hypocrisies. (Though Trump mocked rabid neocons such as John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, he hired them to run his foreign policies; so, he didn’t really threaten “the U.S. elite,” but Mr. Reed hypothesizes that Trump’s mere mockery of neocons nonetheless threatened the “American brand”; and, so, they don’t want Trump to become President again.) Wyatt Reed is no Trumpian himself, and is intelligent enough to recognize that “the ruling class in America” can’t be truthfully interpreted as a Marxist does, as being “the bourgeoisie” (the middle class) but only as what the political-science scientific studies of the U.S. Government have conclusively proven it is: America’s ultra-super-rich.

Wyatt Reed
Wyatt Reed

The interview closed by Reed talking about the U.S. ‘Defense’ Department’s Radford Virginia munitions factory, which is near his residence, and which disposes of toxic wastes by open burning that’s suspected of causing cancers there. Environmental organizations that are funded largely by billionaires have represented resident groups protesting against it. On 26 July 2015, the Roanoke Times headlined “Radford Army Ammunition plant plans to reduce open toxic waste burns: A new incinerator is being designed to handle the toxic wastes now burned outside.” That article is linked-to at the end of the Wikipedia article about “Radford Army Ammunition Plant”, which is at the CIA-edited and written Wikipedia, which blacklists (blocks from linking to) sites that aren’t CIA-approved, and so this Roanoke Times article from 2015 is Wikipedia’s latest information (as-of now) about that manufacturing facility for U.S. imperialism (‘defense’). It’s footnote 7 ending that Wikipedia article. The U.S. Government satisfied Radford locals by promising to replace open-air burning by the less toxic method of closed burning. No schedule was announced as to when this would happen, however. On 28 September 2022, Earth Justice headlined “Radford Arsenal: Toxic Contamination from Open Burning and Open Detonation”, and recommended “End Open Burning at RAAP [that facility].” That article linked to their own detailed Earth Justice study report on the problem, “AN EXPLOSIVE PROBLEM: The Radford Arsenal’s Toxic Operations”, which is undated by them but which was first published by them on 19 September 2022. Inside that report, it said “RAAP is permitted to open burn waste for the next ten years.” So: the verbal promise by the U.S. ‘Defense’ Department, which it had made to the locals in 2015, will be fulfilled in 2032, at the earliest (if ever).

At 1:01:06 to 1:02:20, near the end of the video, Reed says:

We’re fishing in this River and we’re pulling out fish that have tumors bigger than their heads. It also leads to people who are my age [such as] a woman I know personally [who] is still in her 20s, who had thyroid cancer, had to get surgery because of the Water, because of the contamination, polycarcinogens that are just piped directly into our water around here so that we can prop up this war machine in other countries. And so I kind of, with my speech [at an anti-imperialism rally], I tried to tie together the death and destruction that’s caused in our own communities and the death and destruction that I saw firsthand in Donetsk in Lugansk in the Donbass, because it’s all coming from the same place. It’s all coming from the same people. It’s all coming from the same desire to subjugate the rest of the world to do anything, that is seen as necessary to maintain this total control over the world’s people and its resources. And the consequences are devastating.

So: Reed is one of many journalists who have to leave the U.S.-and-allied countries in order to be able to report truthfully about U.S.-and-allied countries, and about their Government’s foreign (and even domestic) victims. (This is especially the case regarding the super-banned fact that the U.S. Government raped and destroyed Ukraine in 2014.) They are banned from making a living inside the United States and its vassal-nations (such as in the EU). (This news-report, like all I do, is being simultaneously submitted to all of those media, but none of them has ever published anything from me.)

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