U.S.: Shortest Life-Expectancy & Highest Healthcare Costs. Why?

Here’s one way to look at the corruptness that rules America’s Government:

Life-ExpectancyHere’s another way to view it:

Life-Expectancy_2Here’s another and more recent view of this:

Life-Expectancy_3Here’s more, and a deeper economic, perspective on that:

Life-Expectancy_4Each year, more than half of the money that the U.S. Congress votes to spend, pays for America’s invasions and attempted coups, such as in Syria:

Life-Expectancy_5Here’s another view of America’s handiwork in Syria:

Life-Expectancy_6America’s aristocracy wants to conquer more countries. Tax-monies go to those purposes, much more than to health care, but what America does spend on health care is free-market and designed to profit investors, more than to benefit the public.

America’s billionaires are thriving this way. They control the Government (by means of their news-media, corporations, lobbyists, ‘non-profits’, and etc.); and, so, it serves them very well.

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