Bad Parts Of U.S. History That Must Be Reversed

In order for a nation to reverse bad parts of its history, those bad parts must be undone; and in order to do that (to reverse past evils), they must first become ACKNOWLEDGED to HAVE BEEN bad parts of its history. But, instead, today’s America — which had done that sort of thing in 1860, concerning slavery (committed itself to the abolition of slavery, and did it) — chooses now to lie about its history, not to overcome its bad history by rectifying it in the future.

Reversing bad parts of history can be done ONLY by changing present and future behavior — NOT, at all, by lying about what that history WAS (such as now is done in America).


On April 15th, Bill Astore headlined “Learning Nothing from the Iraq War”, and he opened:

What has America learned from the colossal failure of the Iraq War? Not what it should have learned, notes historian (and retired U.S. Army colonel) Greg Daddis at War on the Rocks. Daddis recently attended a 20-year retrospective symposium on the Iraq War, where he heard two distinctive narratives. As he put it:

“Most, if not all, veterans of ‘Iraqi Freedom’ told an inward-facing story focusing on tactical and operational ‘lessons’ largely devoid of political context. Meanwhile, Iraqi scholars and civilians shared a vastly different tale of political and social upheaval that concentrated far more on the costs of war than on the supposed benefits of U.S. interventionism.”

In short, the U.S. view of the Iraq War remains insular and narcissistic. The focus is on what U.S. troops may have gotten wrong, and how the military could perform better in the future. … 

Why did that happen? Because those Americans refused to face the reality, that America’s invasion of Iraq was evil — not merely ‘misinformed’, or ‘mistaken’, or ‘wrong’, but outright evil — and that at the very top of the operation, in the U.S. White House (and at #10 Downing Street in its British vassal-nation) it was known, at the time, to be based only on lies about the evidence, which was actually zero evidence, entirely faked ‘evidence’. THERE IS NO ‘RIGHT’ WAY TO WAGE A BAD WAR. Aggression can be done effectively, but it cannot be done well. Defense can be done ineffectively, but it can never be done badly. Aggression is always bad to do, and defense is always good to do. Regardless of how effectively they are done.

Even Bill Astore and Greg Daddis didn’t say this, or point it out; not even those “anti-war” Americans did, because today’s Americans care far more about what most Americans consider acceptable to say, than they do about what is actually true: and the truth in today’s America is that it is a dictatorship by its billionaires, and that those billionaires are psychopaths who fund politicians who do such things as was the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the invasion of Libya in 2011, and the invasion of Syria in 2012 to the present, and other such psychopathic and evil operations — and lie about them. So: the ugly reality is sugar-coated, instead of acknowledged to be and to have been evil. This way, it is impossible for those bad parts of American history to be ACKNOWLEDGED to HAVE BEEN bad parts of its history. And, so, the problem simply continues on and on, and never stops — much less becomes reversed. It has no chance to be reversed.

Iraq invasionWhen a society rots in its ethics, its morals, it rots from the top on down, because the honored individuals are at the top, and set the moral tone for everyone else. Then, the psychopathy at the top seeps down into and throughout the entire culture. The corruption at the top spreads to a more pervasive law-breaking and breakdown in the society.

On April 24th, the New York Post headlined “San Francisco Target puts entire inventory on lockdown amid shoplifting crisis”, and reported that:

A San Francisco Target store has been putting all of its products on lockdown amid a shoplifting crisis that has crippled retailers in the Golden Gate City.

Footage of the store’s interior posted to TikTok Thursday showed aisle after aisle of toiletries and cosmetics under lock and key in the megachain.

While it’s common for stores to lock up small valuable items like razors, heaps of inexpensive large items like mouthwash, shampoo and lotion were also being kept out of reach of the grubby hands of would-be shoplifters, the clip showed.

The cosmetic confinement had been underway since at least October last year at the Folsom Street store near the city’s Mission District, according to WNCT-TV.

The Bay Area has been especially hard hit by a national organized retail crime epidemic that ballooned during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading chains such as Walgreens to close five San Francisco stores due to theft.

The National Retail Federation’s 2022 retail security survey ranked San Francisco/Oakland as the second-most hard-hit metropolitan area by theft in 2020 and 2021, only behind Los Angeles.

The organization lists items like body wash and over-the-counter medication as items that are particularly attractive to shoplifters, who can often sell their stolen wares on the black market to smaller stores.

New York City crept up to third on the list in 2021, outpacing Chicago.

Seventy-one percent of retailers surveyed by the association said they had seen a “substantial” or “moderate” increase in organized retail crime, with 55% saying that policies that reduce or eliminate cash bail for non-violent crimes in cities like San Francisco and New York are to blame.

While San Francisco’s murder rate remains far below that of many other major cities, an increase in violent crime there was punctuated by two recent high-profile attacks — the stabbing murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee earlier this month and the unprovoked crowbar attack on Fire Commissioner Don Carmignani a day later that left the top official fighting for his life. …

On the same day, the USA Today newspaper and The Week magazine headlined “The plague of shoplifting gangs”, and reported that:

Retailers say they are being attacked by robbery rings of unprecedented aggression and scale. Here’s everything you need to know:

How bad is the problem?

“It just got out of hand,” said Lisa LaBruno, an official with the Retail Industry Leaders Association. In a survey of 700 small businesses last year, 54 percent reported an increase in shoplifting and 23 percent said they were robbed daily. Retailers big and small are sounding the alarm: last year, a CVS official told Congress that shoplifting rates were up 300 percent from pre-pandemic numbers; In December, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon warned that increasing theft could lead to higher prices and/or store closures. Retail theft reports increased 52 percent in Philadelphia last year from 2021; in New York City they increased by 45 percent. Nearly a third of all shoplifting arrests in New York City in 2022 involved just 327 people, who were arrested and re-arrested more than 6,000 times, police say. Large retailers and small businesses in many cities say their employees live in fear amid daily threats of violence or actual violence.

Why is this happening?

This wave of rip-offs is not driven by individual shoplifters, but by large, organized thefts that sell stolen goods online. Retailers and experts say the problem has grown during the pandemic as stores cut staff. Platforms like Amazon and eBay offer thieves a convenient way to resell stolen goods. Last year, the Prosecutors Alliance of California estimated that $500 billion worth of stolen or counterfeit goods are sold through online marketplaces each year. Some operations recruit drug addicts as “boosters” and instruct them on what to steal. “This is not petty theft,” said James Kehoe, Walgreens CFO. “These are gangs that actually go in and empty our stores of beauty products.”

How do boosters work?

Retailers and store clerks say many thieves have gotten surprisingly bold, barging in and openly taking what they want. “These criminals feel like they own the place,” said Tony Settles, a clerk at a Denver Safeway. The usual policy at retail chains is that employees do not confront the thieves, fearing this will lead to violence and possible lawsuits. As the same thieves keep striking, said Jaden Mitchell, an employee at a CVS in Philadelphia’s Center City, “we can only watch.” …

The country that mass-murders, robs, defaces, and destroys such nations as Iraq, and Syria, and Libya, and Guatemala, and El Salvador, and so many other nations, is now becoming increasingly organized to do it internally too.

None of this can become reversed if the ugly reality — the deeper-level reality — is not first acknowledged. The Government itself is the enemy. America is a dictatorship. That is a proven fact (as is documented at that link); but, naturally (since every dictatorship lies through its teeth), its dictatorial Government pretends to be a ‘democracy’ instead.

People wonder: why does America imprison a larger percentage of its population than does any other nation on the planet? The truthful answer won’t come until this deeper-level reality in America is first recognized, so that it THEN might, just possibly, start to become reversed.

The problem has started at the top. Therefore, it cannot be addressed by starting at the bottom. America is heading into a revolution, a second one, not again against a foreign nation’s aristocracy, Britain’s; but, instead, this time, against its own aristocracy. Unless and until that revolution comes, this nation will simply continue to fall apart.

In order for a nation to reverse bad parts of its history, those bad parts must be undone; and in order to do that (to reverse past evils), they must first become ACKNOWLEDGED to HAVE BEEN bad parts of its history. There are now lots of bad parts of American history, starting with 25 July 1945 when the U.S. Government started the Cold War, in order ultimately to become a dictator over the entire planet (as it still is trying to achieve). America started rotting on 25 July 1945. The 20 March 2003 invasion of Iraq was merely one of the many consequences of that. The direction that America started on, on that date — to become the unchallengeable global hegemon — needs to be reversed. but FIRST it needs to become acknowledged, and condemned.

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