NATO Has Now Openly Declared War Against Russia

NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, during an interview in NATO’s Brussels  headquarters, with the Washington Post’s Editorial Board, represented by Lee Hockstader, and published by the WP on May 9th, said that Ukraine definitely will become a NATO member. Here are the key excerpts, and their meaning:

“All NATO allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance. All allies agree that Ukraine has the right to choose its own path, that it is not for Moscow, but for Kyiv, to decide.” If Ukraine, which has the nearest of all foreign borders to Moscow, only 317 miles or 5 minutes of missile-flying time away from blitz nuking Russia’s central command in The Kremlin, were to join NATO and then request and receive from America a nuclear missile to be placed there, that would be as-if Russia were to place a nuclear-warheaded missile in Albany NY, 310 miles away from America’s central command in Washington DC. Sumy in Ukraine is only 317 miles away from Moscow. Stoltenberg is saying that Russia has no right to object to America’s placing a missile in Sumy, just like America has no right to object to Russia placing their missile in Albany if Albany requests Russia to do that. According to Stoltenberg: if Ukraine joins NATO and then requests America to place that missile-launch-site in Sumy, that’s none of Russia’s concern. Similarly, then, if Albany requests Russia to place its missile there, just 310 miles away from Washington DC, nobody in Washington DC would any right to object to that. If Ukraine and America should be allowed to do that to Russia’s central command, then Russia and Albany should be allowed to do it to America’s central command. One of Russia’s “red lines” it had stated as a precondition for not invading Ukraine was that America and NATO would agree not to place any such weapon that near to The Kremlin. America and NATO refused even to negotiate about that. This refusal was the main reason why Russia invaded Ukraine. If Russia and Albany had insisted upon their right to place Russian nuclear missiles in Albany, then Washington DC would have invaded Albany. But that wasn’t the case. Instead: America and its NATO anti-Russian military alliance insisted on their right to place American nuclear missiles in Ukraine if Ukraine joins NATO and requests that; and, so, Russia invaded Ukraine, in order to prevent it from being able to happen.

NATO war on Russia
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Stoltenberg is saying that America and Ukraine have this right, and that Ukraine will become a NATO member, and that whatever Ukraine and America then agree to do to Russia is only for them to decide, and is none of Russia’s business.

His statement there that “All NATO allies agree that Ukraine will become a member of the alliance” meant that every single member of NATO agrees with Ukraine and America that Russia has no business concerning itself with whether or not America will be able to place its nuclear missiles 317 miles away from The Kremlin. Russia has no right to be concerned about that. Russia has no right to conquer Ukraine in order to prevent becoming checkmated by NATO. This is out-and-out war by NATO against Russia. He’s saying that NATO will win it.

Stoltenberg also stated: “The war didn’t start in 2022. The war started in 2014. And since then, NATO has implemented the biggest reinforcement of our collective defense since the end of the Cold War.” This is true, and it means that all of the NATO and other U.S.-and-allied statements to the effect that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 started this war between NATO and Russia are clearly false — U.S.-and-allied lies. He is saying that Obama’s coup during February 2014, which overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine and replaced his Government with one that was selected for Ukraine by the U.S. White House, started the war in Ukraine. He is saying that WW III — America’s war against Russia — began in February 2014.

He acknowledges that America in February 2014 stole Ukraine from the Ukrainians and placed its own selected people in charge of its government and news-media, and that America and its allies are going to keep it, until those U.S. missiles get placed 317 miles from Moscow and Russia’s Government will then be checkmated. He knows what is at stake here, and so does Russia: it is the success or else the failure of America’s plan to checkmate Russia, by sacrificing its Ukrainian pawn (the utter destruction of Ukraine, if that is what Russia will need to do in order to protect itself from that checkmate) in order for the U.S. regime to achieve its objective. For that reason, there is now under consideration in the U.S. Congress legislation to commit America to invade Russia if Ukraine fails to conquer Russia on Ukraine’s soil.

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