Are There Western Intelligence Services Behind The UAV Attack On Moscow?

On the morning of May 30, Ukraine attacked Moscow and the Moscow region with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Judging by the scale of the action, U.S. and British intelligence agencies were involved in the planning and execution of the strike. Ukraine does not have its own technical capabilities to perform out such high-profile actions.

The UAV flight routing bypassing the deployment areas of air defense facilities in the hinterland of Russia is possible only on the basis of data obtained from U.S. military satellites and U.S. and British electronic reconnaissance aircraft. Only the spacecraft of the U.S. military’s GPS system are capable of correcting the trajectory of drones to ensure the required precision of a strike at a distance of several hundred kilometers.

Personnel of specialized units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces responsible for operation and use of UAVs are trained under direct supervision of American and British military intelligence officers on the territory of Poland. Representatives of these agencies are also present directly in the said formations, where they perform managerial and supervisory functions.

Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint USAF Electronic Intelligence Aircraft

According to the primary analysis of the UAV’s design elements (similar vehicles were used in the attack on Krasnodar on May 26 this year), all the electronic filling in them was of American and British production. In addition, Western-made components were found in the propulsion systems of the drones used by Kyiv. Western-made components as well were found in the drones used against

The chosen tactics of the drones also indicate that the attack was directed by Western intelligence services. The attack was carried out against civilians in order to intimidate them and create resonance in Russian and Ukrainian society to distract attention from Kiev’s counterattack, which has not yet actually begun.

The areas where the drones were detected and destroyed are near the two major Moscow airports, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo, as well as air routes with heavy civilian airliner traffic. This cannot but suggest that the West might be preparing an action in which it would use UAVs to destroy a foreign state-owned passenger plane in the sky, similar to the Malaysian Boeing disaster, in order to further hold Russia responsible for the incident. An additional argument in favor of this version is the fact that the pilots of civil aircraft have previously recorded the facts of unknown drones approaching their planes at Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo airports.

The fact that the action was well thought-out and coordinated is also confirmed by the information support in the social networks and world media, which is carried out not only by the Center of Information and Psychological Operations of the Ukrainian Security Service, but also by Western news agencies and by “independent Russian oppositionists” engaged by them.

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