Tara Reade Details The Reason She’s Too Afraid To Return To U.S.

According to a nearly two-hour detailed video interview with Megyn Kelly, Tara Reade is under a sealed grand jury indictment in America that can now be unsealed at any time the U.S. Justice Department might want to prosecute her, and which might lead to her imprisonment in U.S. Plus, her attorney and some journalists and retired CIA employees informed her that there now also is an INTERPOL red notice arrest warrant for her, which would then subject her to being arrested if she goes outside Russia.

She says she had never been in Russia until May 20th when she landed there on a flight which Russia’s Government had purchased for her to promote the Russian translation of one of her books, and at the end of May, Russia’s Government was about to purchase her return flight when her lawyer and friends then informed her about the INTERPOL and U.S. Justice Department dangers; so, she switched to instead seeking asylum in Russia.

Republican congresspersons Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz had recently sought from the Justice Department but were refused the file regarding Reade’s allegations against Biden; Biden’s Administration alleged to be refusing in order to protect Reade’s privacy. The Administration is requiring her to come to the U.S. in order to sign a waiver of her personal privacy rights. Matt Gaetz advised her that this could be a trap to get her seized by the U.S. Government. (The Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi got trapped by Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince “MBS” by requiring Khashoggi to come into the Saudi Embassy in Turkey in order to sign something related to his Turkish bride-to-be, and was then immediately killed and chopped up by MBS’s people inside the Embassy.)


Sen. Joseph Biden, accompanied by Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, at a news conference about the 1994 crime bill.

Megyn Kelly interrupted Reade when Reade referred to “one of the whistleblowers had disappeared” regarding another ongoing case and Reade used the phrase that “this tells you the Mafia state that the United States is in right now under the Biden regime” and when interrupted by Kelly on that, Reade went on, “Don’t you remember when Biden didn’t know his mike was on and on a hot mike he said ‘Nobody fucks with a Biden’; and, I mean, who says that?” Kelly acknowledged that “The media has tried to destroy you” and then she pretended that this was by ONLY “the organized political left.”

Reade then went into a large number of legal cases that the U.S. Government is currently prosecuting against journalists and activists and which she strongly feels are violations of the First and 4th Amendments and which ONLY a dictatorship would even TRY to prosecute, they are SO violative of the Constitution. But under new laws, “You may not even get access to counsel.”

Kelly mentioned Reade’s daughter, and Reade made clear that the daughter etc. wouldn’t get any benefit from her “if I were in a cage,” and seemed near tears at that moment but might be hoping for her daughter to escape from the U.S. to join her. “And I feel so targeted now, and I’d feel so unsafe in the United States.” She said “Joe Biden is weaponizing the FBI and Justice Department against private citizens.” When asked by Kelly how she responds to Americans who might be saying “Why is she bashing the United States on a Russian stage?” A: “I am not bashing the United States. I love my country. I don’t like the elites and the corruption that’s running it. I don’t like the military industrial complex that have hijacked it. We’re spending a trillion dollars next year on defense [actually, it is $1.5T] alone, while our infrastructure is falling down.”  Kelly interrupted her: “You know, there’s a difference between saying that from California or Seattle and saying it from Moscow.” Then Kelly’s voice sounded angry: “When you’re on Russian soil asking for Russian citizenship, and you start bashing the United States, people get rather upset.”

That was the first 40 minutes of the one hour and 48-minute interview.

Reade’s book now is being translated into several European languages. This is going to turn into a major new challenge not only to Biden in domestic politics but also to America’s international reputation.

The public will be making the judgement to the extent that the ‘news’-media will let the public know. Whatever one might think of Megyn Kelly personally, I respect her journalistic service to the public by allowing Tara Reade to state her case so fully as Kelly has done here.

This is unlikely to be followed up by Amy Goodman on the Soros funded Democracy NOW! or on the Murdoch funded Fox ’News’, because those are merely different propaganda agencies for “the elites and the corruption that’s running it.” Tara Reade now needs all the protection she can get, in order to be able to survive from now on. She won’t willingly stop proceeding along the path that she now is on. Biden definitely is a threat to her, but maybe she likewise will become a threat to him. Perhaps Tara Reade will terminate Biden’s “Nobody fucks with a Biden.” She refused to do it with him in the way he might have been wanting to, but she would instead be the person to do it to him, in the way that she definitely is now seeking to do. Megyn Kelly might be using Tara Reade as a weapon against the Democratic Party, but Tara Reade is weaponizing herself against the real source of America’s problems: “I don’t like the elites and the corruption that’s running it. I don’t like the military industrial complex that have hijacked it. We’re spending a trillion dollars next year on defense alone, while our infrastructure is falling down.” That’s the problem as she views it.

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