Typical Lying U.S.-And-Allied ‘News’-Reporting From Ukraine

Here is a typical ‘news’-report of the war in Ukraine; it’s from “10 News First” TV in Sydney Australia, filmed on May 27th, and immediately after the clip you will see and hear the actual journalist, Patrick Lancaster (not credited there), who with his cameraman filmed the clip, and who was neither credited, nor paid (royalty or otherwise) by the Australian broadcaster, which TV station had received this clip from some unidentified news-agency. Patrick Lancaster just happened to be there in Donetsk, when the research institute in Donetsk was hit by a U.S. weapon that had been fired by the Ukrainian army, and that brief clip is immediately followed then with a discussion of it by two experts on the subject, who talk about the routineness of this lying by U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media, against Russia and against Donetsk (which is in the breakaway-from-Ukraine region). Then, immediately below that, you will see here the actual complete video of that entire event, as it had been produced by Patrick Lancaster with his cameraman, the video from which that few-seconds-long clip was stolen and broadcast to Western audiences and lied-about, to fool the public to blame Russia, instead of Ukraine and U.S., for that deadly attack:


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31 May 2023 [“10 News First” TV in Sydney Australia]

[The TV announcer says:] Russia is again being accused of crimes against humanity.  … killed at least three people and destroyed a hospital. The attacks are just the latest salvos ordered by the Kremlin …

Ukrainian emergency personnel work at a residential apartment building struck by a Russian missile in Pokrovsk, Ukraine in February 2023

Here is the clip’s transcript:


very untrusted or um let’s call it um anyway I’m Gonna Roll this [that’s from the introductory lead-up to the broadcast stolen video clip]

[the “10 News First” TV news-reader says:] Russia is


again being accused of crimes against humanity after its latest barrage against Ukraine killed at least three


people and destroyed a hospital. The attacks … are just the latest salvos ordered by the Kremlin.


Continuing from that video clip, the clip’s actual cameraman and reporter, Patrick Lancaster, points out that this was actually an attack by Ukrainian forces, specifically targeting this strictly civilian facility, an entirely civilian scientific research institute. Then the two experts add explanation.

And here is the complete and uncut video by Lancaster, exactly as he filmed it, a few days ago:



The film-clip that was (stolen and) broadcast on that Australian TV chanel (on May 31st) starts at 8:08 in this complete and uncut video.

This is the reality. Any reader here can draw one’s own conclusions from it.

This is a routine example. Here is an extensive example that I saved and discussed in an article that I did on 10 October 2014. Here’s another such, that I wrote about on 20 August 2014. This war by the post-coup Ukraine against the breakaway far eastern Donbass region has been going on for nine years already.

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