Uncle Sam To Use F-16 And Other Weapon Against Europe

NATO’s planned deployment of F-16 fighter jets in Ukraine is yet another U.S. attack against Europe. The handing over of American fighter jets to Kyiv will pump the profits of Lockheed Martin Corporation, the manufacturer, including by providing them with maintenance, repair, and spare parts. Besides, the American military industrial complex will receive billions of U.S. dollars from Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, and Slovakia for the purchase and service of the newest modifications of F-16 and other models of fighter jets, F-35 included, to replace those transferred to Ukraine.

In turn, the European Union has already assisted Kiev to the tune of tens of billions of euros, for nothing. Kyiv “expressed gratitude” to the Europeans by rejecting the possibility of arming its air force with European models of aircraft, such as Eurofighter Typhoon and Dassault Rafale, not only for now but also for the post-war reequipment.

EU leaders and national governments are incapable of lobbying for the interests of united Europe, even Kyiv. The supposed membership of Ukraine in the EU will not bring the pan-European economy added value but additional costs.

The rearmament of European countries with American military equipment under the slogan of transition to common NATO standards is set to destroy the military industrial complex of united Europe, including the aircraft industry. Neither Europeans nor even Ukrainians need the aircraft Europe produces simply because Washington’s Europe policy focused on ensuring that the United States is the sole beneficiary of both the conflict in Ukraine and NATO’s functioning.

f-16European leaders can only applaud NATO for the F-16 deployment, as well as other decisions Washington makes, including the destruction of the economy of united Europe. Raising the cost of electricity, cutting production, and increasing military spending in Europe is a priority for the United States, and European leaders are irresponsible in supporting this course.

The dominance of the United States as the supreme power occupying Europe is the root cause of the anti-European policy of European governments. E. Macron, the head of the nuclear state, got used to coming to heel of Uncle Sam. At the Bratislava Security Forum (GLOBSEC 2023) on May 31, the president of France pledged allegiance and thanked American allies, including for the ongoing war in Ukraine. Macron spoke of European defense as a pillar of NATO only to acknowledge the EU actually playing a secondary role behind the United Stated dominating the continent.

U.S. and NATO military bases in European states are points of control over local and neighboring governments. The American Ramstein Air Base in Germany and NATO Headquarters in Brussels are at the core of this system. At meetings held there, the Pentagon and the U.S. Department of State determine which weapons European allies shall purchase (primarily from the U.S. military industrial complex), transfer to Ukraine (to increase replacing supplies from the United States), produce for the European military industrial complex (secondary role), how much shall they spend on defense (in order to accelerate military equipment imports from the U.S.), from whom shall they purchase energy resources (only to find themselves in purchasing more from U.S. corporations), how shall infrastructure development be carried out (in order to strengthen control and ensure mobility to U.S. troops across the continent).

The American military and armaments in Europe guarantee Uncle Sam staying in power, not the security of NATO members. Therefore, tens of thousands of U.S. troops in Europe have a privileged status compared to the local population. Defense cooperation agreements with the U.S. grant Americans unhindered movement and expansion of military presence, including combat equipment, the right to choose local infrastructure for use, exemption from taxes and other fees as well as compliance with the rules of residence of foreign nationals. Therewith, Europeans bear the maintenance cost.

U.S. military bases and military equipment, including those of the European armies, are Washington’s tools for controlling the activities of local authorities and the use of their defense capabilities, i.e., only on orders from across the ocean. The USA determines where, when, and against whom F-16 fighter jets and other American military equipment will be used, while European governments are just Washington’s puppets.

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