The Most Reliable Reporter On The Ukraine War Proved Prigozhin Is Lying

Irrespective of what the outcome will be from Yevgeny Prigozhin’s ‘mutiny’ or coup-attempt in Russia, that man’s public credibility is now shot, altogether destroyed. Inevitably, his followers will abandon him — that much is already certain.

The blogger “Simplicius the Thinker” has been providing the most-detailed and fully documented reporting on the up-to-the-minute condition of the war in Ukraine. On Friday June 23rd he presented “Special Report: Emergency Situation as Prigozhin Goes Nuclear Option”. It’s his usual stellar analysis. He calls this an attempted “coup” in Russia. In it, he, for example, presents Prigozhin, the attempt’s leader, and analyzes:

This brings us to the next step in the causal chain. It is plausible that the MOD was planning to finally take action on Prigozhin because he recently released another series of increasingly inflammatory and accusatory videos, one of which I had already uploaded into my next report and was planning on discussing until this exigency took over today.

Yevgeny Prigozhin

Watch the video below:

[He presents a video here.]

That video was completely unhinged and was the first time, in my opinion, where Prigozhin outright lied (and viciously as well). It was the first time where I truly began to question his motives in a more serious way because I simply could not mentally reconcile how it’s possible that he would make up such absolutely wild and objectively false claims. You can watch the video and judge for yourself.

But some examples are, he claimed that the Russian MOD is lying and the AFU have in fact broken through the Russian defenses and reached up to Tokmak. The problem is, the very next day (today) upwards of three separate Russian troop units in different cities of Sadove and Urazhnoe released videos proving that, not only do they control those cities which Prigozhin claimed the AFU had already swept through, but that the front was calm and there wasn’t even any fighting anywhere near them, let alone any fantasy breakthroughs of which he speaks.

[He presents a video here.]

Keep in mind, this is after already being caught in such lies multiple times which I’ve reported on recently. For instance, when Prigozhin said that Russian troops had lost Berkhovka at the NW corner of Bakhmut, only to be refuted the very next day by Russian 200th brigade troops inside Berkhovka proving they have not gone anywhere.

In yesterday’s video he also said the AFU occupies Piatykhatky which was proven wrong as well, as the AFU was driven out of there and the settlement gone into the ‘gray zone’. He goes on to argue that Ukraine’s counter-offensive thus far has been disastrous …for Russia. Does he live in an entirely different world?

And in the longer version of the video, he makes other disastrous claims which are likewise not only ludicrous but objectively wrong, and even treasonous. Either that or completely psychotically unhinged:

[He presents a video here.]

Prigozhin said that Ukraine has not bombed the Donbass for 8 years, and the Ministry of Defense is inventing facts to show itself in a good light:

• On the borders with Donbass, we hit them, they hit us. This happened all the long 8 years from 2014 to 2022. On February 24, there was nothing extraordinary

• After 2014, Donbass was plundered by people from the Presidential Administration, the FSB, and oligarchs. The generals sawed up the money allocated for the corps of the people’s militia “LDNR”. Generals received money for “dead souls”

• The Ministry of Defense deceives the public and talks about the insane aggression of Ukraine, as if they were going to attack us together with the entire NATO bloc. “SVO” was started for completely different reasons

• Zelensky, when he became president, was ready for any agreements. All that had to be done was to get off Olympus, go and negotiate

• Badly planned operation. For some reason, a bunch of idiots decided that they are so smart-assed that no one will understand what they are doing during the “exercises” and no one will stop them

Let’s go through a few of them.

First, he says that the Russian MOD has lied for 8 years, and that Ukraine has not actually been bombing the Donbass. 

Here are some of my own news-reports which link directly to the video evidence of Ukraine’s Obama-installed coup government in 2014 bombing Donbass:

I provided more evidence about Prigozhin’s lie here.

Clearly, for Prigozhin now to say that it didn’t happen is a blatant lie.

That’s just one example-passage from Simplicius’s stellar news-report.

The falsity of what Prigozhin is claiming against Russia’s Government is so blatant that I expect his coup-attempt to fail totally.

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