What Ended Democracy In U.S.-and-Allied Countries

When virtually all of the news-media in a country are owned and controlled by billionaires, those individuals (who are less than a thousand) collectively control the ‘news’-media and thus mentally control the masses and don’t just fund the careers of the winning political candidates but control the entire body-politic — both their public and their government. Those few billionaires are then the nation’s actual aristocracy or “Deep State,” who are, as a group, permanently in control of the government, ruling it quietly behind the scenes.

In 1948, the novelist George Orwell issued his dystopic futuristic novel about the year 1984 as being this sort of dictatorship, in which there would be perpetual war for perpetual peace, and both the government and the ‘news’-media would be constantly spewing fear and hate against the demonized east (mainly Russia and China), because Mr. Orwell (whose actual name was Eric Blair) could already see it coming, even then, as the fake-ideological (‘capitalist’ v. ‘communist’) “Cold War,” which was actually control by the controlling owners of the military-industrial complex (and their ‘news’-media), the owners of the mega-corporations that sell weaponry to the government and to its allied governments, and who ALSO control the extraction corporations such as ExxonMobil, and who ALSO control the ‘news’-media. And, now, that dystopia is actually here.

bill-gatesWhy don’t the populations in U.S.-&-allied countries know that Ukraine’s February 2014 ‘democratic revolution’ at the Maidan Square in Ukraine was actually a U.S. coup just as much as had been America’s coups in 1953 Iran, 1954 Guatemala, 1973 Chile, and so many others that the ‘news’-media in U.S.-&-allied (or U.S. and its vassals’) countries had likewise falsely reported as-if they had been democratic revolutions, instead of as the U.S. coups that they actually were? Why don’t those populations — even now, nearly a decade after the event — know that it was a U.S. coup, and why it was done, and the planning that went into it? Why are all of those essential facts still being hidden from them?

The U.S. empire — unlike others that went before it — is NOT publicly announced, but it is very real, and it dominates today’s world. No nation today can be authentically democratic whose population believes that what happened in February 2014 Ukraine was a democratic revolution, instead of a U.S. coup (and one expert even slipped and admitted that it was “the most blatant coup in history”). The reason that’s essential public knowledge today is this fact: the U.S.-and-allied side of the war in Ukraine — the war that now threatens to turn into WW III and destroy the entire planet — is an inevitable outgrowth from that U.S. coup, and is consequently entirely to be blamed on the U.S. Government, not on Russia’s Government (as The West’s lying ‘news’-media claim). The aggressor is The West and NOT Russia, which is now exercising the same right of self-defense as the U.S. Government under President Kennedy exercised in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. A deceived public cannot be the public in a democracy, because they are mentally enslaved by and to the lying Government and its lying ‘news’-media. The billionaires don’t control the government directly but indirectly, by controlling the public’s viewpoints and their (billionaires’) s’elected’ government-officials.

On June 8th, the Wall Street Journal published an unusually honest news-report titled “Sweden, Finland’s About-Face on NATO Membership Was Years in the Making”, and explained the decades-long elite planning that had gone into turning both Finland and Sweden from being solidly non-aligned nations into becoming in 2022 overwhelmingly U.S.-allied and anti-Russian. That article doesn’t mention the billionaires who were behind those government-officials that were carrying water for the benefit of those billionaires, but the billionaires and the government-officials were, together, very skillfully, maneuvering public opinion in the direction that the billionaires had long been wanting their governments to go. Though that article doesn’t say anything about the mechanism underneath, it describes the surface-level, the elite’s finally winning the policies that they had long been seeking, in their ‘democracy’. Nor does the article discuss what their ultimate purpose in this is.

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