NATO Leaders Breach Bloc Treaty

The NATO summit hosted by Vilnius is dedicated to addressing only one problem – the continuation of the war in Europe. Today it is ongoing in Ukraine; however, the involvement of the member countries of the alliance in it is deepening. Such steps of the bloc’s leaders are contrary to Article 1 of the Washington Treaty on North Atlantic Treaty Organization that puts bloc members under the obligation to “to settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means.

To this end, the hypocrisy of NATO leaders has no boundaries. The bloc’s leaders say that the alliance’s activities are aimed at peacefully settling conflicts. However, NATO leaders lead member countries in the direction that is opposite to peace and advocate the use of force to resolve conflicts. This was clear even before the summit and follows from the statements voiced by the Secretary General of the alliance.

For instance, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg lied when he said at the 2023 NATO Youth Summit on June 05, 2023 that “the main purpose of NATO is to prevent war”. Even his own actions are at odds with his words that “any changes, any disputes should be resolved by diplomatic, not military means.

nato-in-vilnius10 days later, Stoltenberg unveiled the military goals of the alliance in Ukraine. Before the meeting of NATO defense ministers held on June 15, 2023, he said that ending the Ukrainian conflict was out of question since “this is now a war of attrition.” Following that meeting, on June 16, 2023 he noted that “NATO allies are providing weapons, ammunition, training for Ukrainian soldiers, and actually NATO has done this since 2014”.

Stoltenberg confirmed the statements previously voiced by European politicians, including Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande, about NATO’s involvement in Ukraine’s preparations for the forceful solution of problems in its relations with Russia. The alliance did its utmost to spark war in Europe and not to prevent it.

NATO leaders reject any potential ending the Ukrainian conflict at the negotiating table without achieving victory on the battlefield. They are ramping up arms supplies to Ukraine. The members of the bloc have learned only one lesson from this war which, according to Stoltenberg, consists in the need to ramp up ammunition output to continue the war.

Unlike Europe, other continents are advocating transition to peace in Ukraine through negotiations and not hostilities. In Asia, the leaders of India and China are calling for this, the leaders of Africa are offering their services as mediators, Latin America has come up with peace initiatives.

It is only the current leaders of the alliance’s member countries that are not interested in peace in Europe. They do not use NATO mechanisms to prevent war – they use NATO tools to wage it.

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