U.S. Empire Will Either Lose Ukraine To Russia, Or Fail To Win Taiwan From China — Or Both

As usual, the best analysis of U.S. foreign policies is by Alexander Mercouris at The Duran. It’s headlined “China war party vs. Russia war party” on June 17th, and it documents (since each source he’s referring to is saying what he is describing it as saying), that U.S. President Biden and his team at the White House are fantasists who simply refuse to accept the reality that America cannot win simultaneously wars against both Russia and China. Biden’s neocon State Department demands conquering Russia, while Biden’s neocon ‘Defense’ Department demands conquering China.

Mercouris first refers to a June 9th article at Politico, “The Pentagon Is Freaking Out About a Potential War With China (Because America might lose.)”, which documents that, indeed, there is virtually no chance that America would be able to win a war against China UNLESS America will immediately make a do-or-die commitment against China that’s like America did against both Japan and Germany as America’s response to Japan’s 7 December 1941 invasion of Pearl Harbor. That Politico article, by Michael Hirsh, makes clear that, as it ends by saying:

After Pearl Harbor, Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto was famously said to have warned (though the quote is apocryphal) that he thought all Japan had achieved with the surprise attack was to “awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” That is pretty much what happened, and the United States utterly destroyed Japan’s military machine.

But now, says [Seth] Jones [a Pentagon official under President Obama], the giant is “lying in bed still. Its eyes are open and it’s recognizing there’s a problem. But it’s got to get out of bed.”

All of the ‘experts’ that Michael Hirsh quotes there are neoconservatives (proponents of U.S. military supremacy at any cost) who (siding with the ‘Defense’ Department against the State Department), are advising that America’s war against Russia must now stop, so that America’s war against China will be able to be won: ditch Ukraine, grab Taiwan.

biden-sadThe underlying assumption of that 6,000-word article is that, right now, China poses the same threat to America’s existence that Japan did on 7 December 1941; and the article says things such as that America was wasting “decades of what many say was delusional thinking by both political parties about turning China into a friendly ‘stakeholder’ in a peaceful international system” — and an underlying assumption there is that America already owns Taiwan, and so if that province of China ever officially secedes from China, and China then invades Taiwan, it would be like Japan did when it invaded Pearl Harbor; and, so, America needs to “arm up Taiwan” right now, in order to become able to win America’s war to take Taiwan from China.

The fact that Biden has not fired all of his foreign-policies staff, including his appointees at both the State Department and the ‘Defense’ Department, proves how stupid he is (along with over 90% of both houses of the U.S. Congress) to demand nothing less than the neoconservative dream of America’s conquering simultaneously both Russia and China. Neither goal is realistically possible, but he (and they) continue to demand BOTH. That is the reason why the recent debt-limit bill increased funding to the military but nothing else, and cut spending for the poor. The poor are considered by them to be expendable, but continuing America’s global dominance of the world is not — it is ‘existential’, for all neocons (including Biden and almost every member of Congress).

Is this a reflection of America’s being a democracy, or of its being instead an aristocracy? Does it represent the public, or does it represent ONLY the super-rich? You decide. But both of the political Parties will continue to give us ONLY neoconservative nominees of both Parties, for Congress and for the Presidency. Is choosing between such nominees “democratic”? Is THAT a “democracy”?

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