Reshaping American Racism, Or REPLACING American Racism?

America’s racism is reducing its focus against Africans in order to increase its focus against Asians.

On June 20th, an editorial in China’s Global Times newspaper headlined “US rule of law crumbles as Chinese purchase of farmland is banned” and discussed an article CNN had headlined on June 19th, “States accelerate efforts to block Chinese purchases of agricultural land”. The Chinese newspaper asserted that “politicizing economic and trade investment issues, violating economic laws and market principles, as well as having anti-China sentiment, will ultimately harm the US itself. This may also create huge uncertainty for future China-US relations. As Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said, China-US economic and trade cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win in nature. Overstretching the concept of national security and politicizing economic, trade and investment issues run counter to the principles of market economy.”

american-racismThe U.S. regime, ever since 25 July 1945, has been obsessively dominated by win-lose analyses and social interactions, and has become contemptuous of win-win analyses and interactions: it is like a voracious beast of the jungle, whose predominant objective is to chase, trap, and devour, as much prey as it can. Destruction is its chief aim. It is neoconservative — determined to conquer everything and everybody in the world. Its only way to view others is as their being either prey or slaves — NOT colleagues, not as peers, equals, but only as masters and as hunters, out to feast upon or enslave as many victims as possible. This is today’s ethos in America. Cooperation has become alienation, in this nation.

Of course, win-lose games will always be a portion of human interactions, but when that portion becomes near 100%, waste becomes near 100%, since virtually everyone is then trying to destroy virtually everyone else — and that destruction is simply wasting everyone but the “Top Dog,” the sole supreme master of that misery. This is the neocon dream — everyone else’s nightmare.

A natural outcome of this ethos has become an aim to conquer both China and Russia, just like in earlier decades it was to conquer Vietnam, and Iraq, and Iran, and whomever else were the demons-of-the-day — which now are both China and Russia.

Whereas in 2002 and 2003, it was against “Saddam’s WMD,” it is today against “Putin” and against “Xi” (or “Chinese communism,” or however else the excuse is to be phrased).

The last time in history when the United States actually was invaded or even so much as just threatened by any country, was on 7 December 1941, which was also the last time that the American Government ever Constitutionally authorized a war against a foreign country — after which, all of the nearly 300 U.S. invasions since the end of WW II have been in violation of the U.S. Constitution and have been perpetrated by traitorous U.S. Presidents and pusillanimous U.S. Senators and House members.

In earlier times, the U.S. Government was racist against Africans; but, now, it is becoming racist against Asians, instead.

Will the U.S. Government EVER become Constitutional, and end ALL forms of legalized supremacism? Will cooperation — win-win instead of win-lose — ever come to dominate in American society?

A cooperation-dominated ethos in America might transform this nation into becoming again what it once had been: the world’s most successful nation. But is that any longer even possible?

Or: is neoconservatism an incurable mental illness, instead?

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