Germany Will Now Need To Reverse Its ‘War Against Russia’ Policies

Germany, the only vassal-nation of America that has 231 U.S. military bases on its soil (that’s the most of any nation on the planet except for America itself, which has 749), has obediently obeyed its imperial master until now, and the U.S. Government has just reversed its policy of increasing its threats to Russia, but will Germany do likewise? Or, will Germany this time move forward on its own?

The U.S. plan has long been to bring into NATO the nation that has the border nearest to Moscow, which is Ukraine, a mere 300 miles, or 5 minutes of missile-flying time, away from The Kremlin; but, on June 17th, America’s Government placed on hold until further notice the possibility for Ukraine to join NATO and thus the possibility to ultimately blitz-annihilate within just five minutes Russia’s central command — too short a time for Russia to be able to recognize and respond to that launch. U.S. President Joe Biden temporarily has paused that long-held American plan, to capture Russia.

As I reported June 18th,

On June 14th, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg repeatedly insisted upon facilitating Ukraine’s becoming a member-nation of that marketing organization for the weapons that are produced by U.S.-and-allied weapons-manufacturers, but America’s President Joe Biden made clear on June 17th that he will not allow softening the existing requirements in order to admit Ukraine into NATO.

Biden’s June 17th statement made clear that Stoltenberg’s intention is no longer America’s policy. It likewise contradicts Germany’s policy ever since at least 14 January 2023 when the Foreign Minister of Germany and author of Germany’s forthcoming National Security Strategy, Annalena Baerbock, said at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, “We are fighting a war against Russia.”

baerbokBaerbock’s and her boss Chancellor Olaf Schulz’s war against Russia will now either likewise be placed on hold, or else — for the first time the German Government’s tradition ever since 25 July 1945 (originally only in western Germany, but since 1991 in the entirety of Germany) of unquestioning obedience to the U.S. Government, will be violated, and — Germany will then be pursuing a go-it-alone international policy against Russia. Though there might be a few other NATO arch-enemies against Russia, such as Poland, the Balts, and Poland, they would all be dwarfed by Russia and stand no chance of defeating Russia if the U.S. arsenal isn’t standing alongside them. And, now, it won’t — until further notice.

Perhaps what has happened here is that, as I explained on June 18th, the “U.S. Empire will either lose Ukraine to Russia, or fail to win Taiwan from China — Or both.” U.S. war-planners were now overwhelmingly coming to the conclusion that in order for the U.S. to stand any chance to take from China its province of Taiwan, America would need to go onto a full-fledged war-footing comparable to what it did after Japan’s Pearl Harbor attack on 7 December 1941. But there has been no such attack against America. Even if there were, the war-planners concluded virtually unanimously that out-doing China’s military in China’s own region would require more than five years to prepare for and would require militarizing practically the entire U.S. economy.

Biden knows that a defeat of the U.S., either in Ukraine against Russia, or in Taiwan against China, would doom his Presidency.

America’s pausing the war against Russia will therefore need to extend till at least the upcoming 5 November 2024 U.S. Presidential election.

Biden’s change of plans will also be highly inconvenient for Germany’s present Government, because, on 14 June 2023, Germany’s Government finally came forth with its war-promoting National Security Strategy. Deutsche Welle headlined “German government presents first national security strategy”, and Foreign Minister Baerbock (the document’s main author) said “All of us had to learn with the brutal war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine, that freedom and peace do not fall from the sky.” Fortunately for her, Germany, being a dictatorship (from Washington DC), kept secret the document’s contents (didn’t embarrass her), and made public only an anodyne summary of it. So, probably — as usual — Germany will obediently follow the U.S. regime’s instructions, and the Armageddon-seeking Baerbock will be allowed to forget that she had ever announced in Strasbourg, on 14 January 2023, “We are fighting a war against Russia.” Operation Barbarossa #2 against Russia (the Obama-Biden version) might not have been cancelled, but it is being indefinitely postponed, while the U.S. regime figures out what to do.

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