Signs U.S. Secretly Organizing For Military Take-Over Of Ukraine

I just happened to notice today, buried two-thirds of the way down in a lengthy (9,000-word) and extensively documented June 18th article by the highly respected Ukraine-War analyst Simplicius the Thinker, which article is titled “AFU Suffers Horror Breakdowns as Russian Forces Repel New Advance”, the following startling passage:

And on that topic of NATO possibly being activated. We spoke last time about NATO’s decision to increase its rapid response force from 40k to 300k. Now, there are persistent rumors that strange things are afoot in the U.S. as people all over the country claim to be witnessing ‘mass amounts’ of military gear being moved throughout many states/regions. I managed to compile a video of all the clips people are releasing, though there are even more than this: [VIDEOS FROM HIM ARE PRESENTED]

Not only many different types of vehicles (Strykers, Humvees, artillery, etc.) but B-2 Spirits flying around:

In the US, there is a massive movement of equipment.

Something is happening in the US. B-2 Spirit bombers have been sighted over Minnesota, and military sources say missile defense systems are moving to positions on the US West Coast.

us-military-movementsAmericans! What’s your take on this?

“US citizens are concerned about unusual military activity that’s been reported in 26 states.

The Secretary of Defense added to these concerns by stating that these were not training activities.”

????Something is happening in the US. B-2 Spirit bombers have been sighted over Minnesota, and military sources say missile defense systems are moving to positions on the US West Coast.???

Here’s another one:

And another in San Diego:

According to news reports, military transport movements are being seen in 27 US states, with large numbers of tanks, helicopters and drones.

While in 15 states, internet is also reported to be closed or slow.

Rumors are there are some claims that it’s just exercises, but the question is, why is the internet disturbing ?

Some claims are, these military moves related to conflict with Russia.

Air defense systems also seen

Is it only for exercisees?

This is all reportedly inside the U.S. Could it all be normal movements or some type of Army exercises? Could be, but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Instead of “worth keeping an eye on,” I would say: This is credible evidence that President Biden is secretly planning to send U.S. forces directly into the war to fight against Russia in the battlefields of Ukraine, and that there would then be no scenario in which a global nuclear war (the end of the world) will likely be avoided, because whichever of the two sides wins pre-nuclear is then going to be nuclearly attacked by the opposite side. The only alternative to that nuclear response to a conventional defeat would be surrender that is based SOLELY on non-nuclear weapons; and that outcome would be extremely unlikely, because the only thing that a warrior detests even more than losing is the shame of losing — at the outermost extremity, most will do as Hitler did, which is commit suicide rather than surrender. Neither Biden nor Putin would accept a military defeat that is based SOLELY on non-nuclear weapons. And whereas Putin would be doing his national-security duty to the Russian people, by protecting the sovereign independence of their nation, Biden is aiming SOLELY to preserve the U.S. Government’s title as being the world’s most powerful nation. Biden’s position is outrageous, demonstrably evil.

As an American, I think that Biden must be challenged on this matter in the U.S. Congress, and must be impeached and removed from office if he will not commit to NOT going nuclear against Russia UNLESS Congress itself FIRST declares war against Russia.

I think that Congress’s demanding that could well STOP this insanity on Biden’s part.

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