Does Joe Biden Have Alzheimers Disease?

U.S. President Whose Domestic Job-Approval is 41% Calls Chinese President Whose Domestic Job-Approval is Above 80% China’s ‘Dictator’

And that’s not the ONLY indication of U.S. President Joe Biden’s being mentally deranged.

As I headlined on 22 August 2022, “NATO-Affiliated Poll in 53 Countries Finds Chinese the Most Think Their Country Is a Democracy”, and though 49% of Americans said “Yes” to “My country is a democracy,” 83% of Chinese did — and who is better able to say whether America is a democracy than the people who live in America are? And who is better able to say whether China is a democracy than the people who live in China are? Whereas China ranked #1 on that measure, America ranked as either #40 or #41, tied with Colombia on it, out of the 53 countries that were surveyed.

u-s-presidentFurthermore, the only other international poll in which the residents within a number of different countries rate their own Government is the Edelman Trust Barometer, and I headlined about that on 24 March 2023, “How Nations’ Citizens Rate Their Own Government” and reported (and linked to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022, which has the data): Whereas 39% of Americans said they trust their Government, 91% of Chinese did. Again, China ranked #1. U.S. ranked #20, out of the 28 nations that were surveyed.

FURTHERMORE: America is the only country that has been quantitatively analyzed by the most up-to-date methods in empirical political science in order to determine whether it is more of a democracy (where the Government is controlled by and reflects the priorities of its residents — more one-person-one-vote than one-dollar-one-vote) or instead more of an aristocracy (or “oligarchy”) (where the Government is controlled by and reflects the priorities of only its super-rich — more one-dollar-one-vote than one-person-one-vote — more one-dollar-one-vote than one-person-one-vote). All of those empirical studies and analyses have shown unequivocally that America is definitely an aristocracy not a democracy. Joe Biden and the U.S. Congress and the U.S. courts represent the super-rich, not the public. The evidence on this — the scientific analyses on this question — are at least as clear that President Biden represents only America’s super-rich (the richest 0.01%) as the polling-based findings are which show, essentially, that a majority of Americans recognize that their Government does NOT represent them. And, one of those scientific analyses even showed that the richest 0.01% of Americans donated 57.16% of all the money that was spent in political campaigns, and that merely the 400 richest Americans had donated 29.86% of the campaign-money.

Given the empirical evidence being so unequivocally clear on this matter: Is it more likely that Joe Biden was merely mentally deranged when he said that the President of China is a ‘dictator’; or, instead, that he knows what the facts are in this matter, and was consciously lying about it? Or, might the explanation be some combination of both — that he was saying it only in order to fool the public about the matter, but that he doesn’t really care enough about the matter to find out what the empirical data on it are, much less what they show? (My guess is that it was a combination of both.)

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