Two U.S. Senators Propose Nuclear War Against Russia

U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced on June 22nd a Resolution which if passed and signed by President Biden (whom both Senators praised for his resolute hostility toward Russia), would commit the U.S. as the head of NATO to launch, on behalf of NATO, war directly against Russia, if (regardless of the reason) Russia uses even the smallest tactical nuclear weapon (for example, to destroy a command-center deep underground) in Ukraine (which isn’t a NATO country), and which Resolution alleges that the reason why America would do this for NATO (even though Ukraine isn’t a member) is that there might be some nuclear fall-out that might reach a NATO member nation from such an attack by Russia against Ukraine. In other words: they want to enable the U.S. President to launch a U.S. invasion of Russia if Russia becomes forced to use a nuclear device in order to be able to prevent Ukraine from joining America’s anti-Russian military alliance, NATO.

At the press conference introducing their Resolution, Senator Graham said, “Our message is to those around Putin: If you do this and follow his order, should he give it, you can expect a massive response from NATO. You will be at war with NATO.” The video of that press conference is here.

Their Resolution will allegedly be for “NATO” instead of for just the U.S. Government, and so if it becomes U.S. law, then — if the U.S. Government subsequently alleges that Russia has violated it — America will invade Russia and will expect all NATO countries to be on its side in the resulting World War Three. America would be in this War for NATO — not merely for America.

Graham and Blumenthal
U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham (L) and Richard Blumenthal (R)

The Resolution furthermore says that the U.S. Senate: “(2) views the use of a tactical nuclear weapon by the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, or their proxies, or the destruction of a nuclear facility, dispersing radioactive contaminates into NATO territory causing significant harm to human life, as an attack on NATO requiring an immediate response, including the implementation of Article V of the North Atlantic Treaty,” which is the Treaty Article that obligates each member-nation to support NATO’s war. That’s the core passage in this entire proposed document. In other words, not ONLY would Russia’s use of a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine trigger WW III under the Graham-Blumenthal Resolution, but ALSO an attack against Europe’s biggest nuclear electric-power plant, which is in Zaporozhia in Ukraine and which nuclear-power facility Ukraine’s government has several times aimed missiles at but not yet successfully hit, would trigger a NATO invasion of Russia, even though Ukraine, and not Russia, had done it. Russia has, in fact, been protecting that nuclear power plant, which is in territory that Russia controls, and this is the reason why none of Ukraine’s missiles against it has yet succeeded at hitting it. (Well, there was one that barely did, but not badly enough to cause any release of radiation from the plant.) The Resolution’s key clause is the sub-clause “or the destruction of a nuclear facility, dispersing radioactive contaminates into NATO territory.” That’s the clause which (if this Resolution passes) could empower Ukraine’s government to spark a U.S. invasion of Russia — i.e., then a successful Ukrainian attack against that nuclear facility would “immediately” produce  a U.S. nuclear attack against Russia (since the hypothesis of this Resolution is that in any such case, Russia had already entered a nuclear war against NATO, since a NATO member received some downwind radiation from that plant).

In other words: this proposed congressional Resolution, if it passes, is actually part of a U.S. Government strategy to enable the government of Ukraine, when and if Ukraine manages successfully to hit that nuclear power plant and thereby causes nuclear radiation to go downwind into a NATO member nation, to spark an “immediate” invasion of Russia by the U.S. Government on behalf of NATO.

So: this Resolution, if it becomes passed by Congress and signed by Biden, will short-circuit not only the requirement to get Ukraine into NATO, but also the requirement for a congressional resolution of war against Russia, in order for the U.S. Government to ‘justify’ a nuclear first-strike against The Kremlin — the start of WW III.

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