The Beneficiaries Of U.S. Imperialism

NATO is expanding, and the U.S. has recently created also new military alliances to conquer ultimately China, such as AUKUS, which is a nascent version of NATO for the Pacific Ocean and the rest of Asia against China, just like the established NATO is for the Atlantic Ocean and Europe against Russia. In addition, the U.S. and its European vassal nations have recently stepped-up their efforts to recruit new versions of Ukraine but not on Russia’s western border (such as Ukraine is): these are instead on Russia’s southern border. America’s recruiting efforts here are to gain military access against Russia from Georgia, and also from the several “stans,” such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The techniques that are employed are to threaten these southern Russia-bordering nations with creating “color revolutions” in them, such as was effectively done in Ukraine in the decades prior to the U.S. coup in Ukraine in February 2014 (which coup actually started the war in Ukraine). (So: if these efforts succeed, then the given nation(s) that become conquered will be taking the path that Ukraine now is experiencing.)

For example, the U.S. Department of State’s 5 February 2020 study “United States Strategy for Central Asia 2019-2025: Advancing Sovereignty and Economic Prosperity (Overview)” says that “Central Asia is a geostrategic region important to United States national security interests”, though this region is actually on the opposite side of the world, far away, from the U.S., and is therefore not at all of any “national security interest” to the U.S., and these areas instead border directly on Russia — which is the actual reason why the U.S. empire now is focusing on that region: so as to ultimately become able to invade Russia entering from Russia’s southern borders and not (or no longer) only from Russia’s western borders (the newly expanded territories of NATO, which have been to Russia’s west).

President Joe Biden delivers a speech during his visit at Lockheed Martin facility which manufactures weapon systems such as Javelin anti-tank missiles, which the Biden-Harris Administration is providing Ukraine in Troy, Alabama, on May 3, 2022

A superb summary of the U.S. regime’s (via its EU vassals) intensified efforts to conquer those southern neighbors of Russia, titled “Taking a dagger to the ‘soft underbelly’: How the West has opened yet another front against Russia” was published on June 28, by George Trenin.

Taking Ukraine has been very profitable for America’s billionaires. The sales-volumes of their weapons-manufacturers such as Raytheon Coproration have soared. Even the sales-volumes of the weapons-making firms in its vassal nations — all of which manufacture according to the standard that NATO sets — are booming. Also, America’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) producers have boomed because the U.S. sanctions against Russia have squeezed out from the EU the lowest-cost energy-producer, Russia, which used to supply the cheap energy that enabled EU nations to enjoy high living-standards. And on June 24th I headlined “Now the Pay-off Comes from Blowing Up the Nord Stream Pipeline” and reported that because of the sanctions and of the U.S.’s having blown up the two Nord Stream pipelines that were set to supply Europe and especially Germany even lower prices than before on gas, Germany’s Government had just signed onto a 20-year contract to pay vastly higher prices to American billionaires for super-cooled liquefied and canned non-natural (fracked) canned and shipped-across-the-Atlantic “liquefied natural gas” (LNG) from Louisiana in the U.S. — an enormous contract, which will lock Germany in to the economic status of now irretrievably being a shrinking national economy and a former manufacturing giant.

Those types of benefits to the U.S., however, accrue only to the U.S. international corporations — and the mega-investors who control them — but not to the U.S. public. What the U.S. public experience is instead 53% of all U.S. Government annually authorized spending to go to America’s military, and half of that 53% (26%) going to the armaments-sellers to the Pentagon and to the U.S. Government’s allied or vassal Governments, including to the German Government. So, basically, this is a money-funnel from the public to the billionaires and to the rest of America’s richest 1% of the richest 1% (the richest one in ten thousand). Political ‘scientists’ call this American ‘democracy’. But if it’s democracy, then what isn’t? And what, then, would the phrase “fascist imperialism” be referring to, if not to that?

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