The U.S.-NATO Fantasy World About Ukraine

The U.S.-NATO fantasy world about Ukraine is virtually the opposite of the reality about Ukraine.

In the U.S.-NATO fantasy world, there was, in February 2014, no U.S. coup d’etat that violently overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected and neutralist President in that country where the vast majority of the residents — the citizens of Ukraine — viewed NATO as being their enemy instead of their friend. Instead (in the U.S.-NATO view), Ukraine had a ‘democratic revolution’ (no coup at all), which installed a new and very pro-NATO government there — it happened ‘democratically’, instead of by means of a U.S. coup — according to the U.S. Government and its NATO.

In the U.S.-NATO fantasy world, there was no plan by the U.S. Obama Administration to take over Russia’s largest naval base, which since 1783 was and still remains in Crimea on the Black Sea, and to turn it into a U.S. naval base there.

Barack Obama
Former U.S. President Barack Obama sought to restore relations between Washington and Moscow during his two terms

In the U.S.-NATO fantasy world, the U.S. and all of NATO have the same rights in the Black Sea as do all of the nations that surround (that are on) the Black Sea. Once the U.S. (despite saying on July 13th that “Putin has already lost the war. … There is no possibility of him winning the war in Ukraine. He’s already lost that war.”) acknowledges that it (the U.S.) has actually lost the war in Ukraine, it is already planning to continue that war against Russia but now in the Black Sea (which adjoins Ukraine) and so maybe against not ONLY Russia but against those other nations that border this Sea: besides Russia: Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Georgia. Of course, some of those countries (including Ukraine) are already colonies of the U.S., but some won’t take kindly to being treated so blatantly as U.S. vassal-nations so as for the U.S. — which is thousands of miles away from that Sea — to have as much rights to the Black Sea as they themselves do. It’s a closed sea, and ONLY Turkey controls entrance to it and exit from it. Turkey would consider that demand by the U.S. Government as being war by the U.S. against Turkey, and they would be right about that. It would be. Any nation that sends its ships into or gets its ships out from the Black Sea does it ONLY through the permission of Turkey, which contains the two Straits — the Bosporous and the Dardanelles — which provide access to and from that Sea. And, other than Turkey itself, only Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia, have frontage on that Sea and so can call it “their” Sea: it ISN’T, at all, America’s Sea. But the U.S. Government — and the UK Government — say it’s theirs, too. They are only interlopers who claim rights there, but they are actually mere thieves there — possessors of NO rights at all. The 1936 Montreux Convention grants Turkey the sole authority over access to and exit from that Sea, but America and its NATO are planning to violate it. Turkey is a member of NATO but does not accept — it always rejects — any dictat from the U.S. that would diminish Turkey’s sovereignty over its own territory. If U.S.-NATO tries to carry out this plan (their Plan B if their Plan A to conquer Russia by using the battlefields of Ukraine and the soldiers of Ukraine to do it), fails, they could end up losing Turkey; so, that would be a last-ditch, desperate, and also failing, effort.

In the U.S-NATO fantasy world, the big thing that poses a threat to spark WW III, and so to destroy the world, is that Russia is expanding to NATO’s borders, NOT the reality: that NATO (the U.S. Government) has and is already expanded right up to Russia’s borders.

It is an American fantasyland. And its ‘news’-media hide it from their publics. Here is an opportunity for them to publish it to their respective audiences, because this article is being distributed free-of-charge to any and all of them to publish. However, I will not allow it to be published without including all of its links, because those links are what provide its readers instant access to the evidence; and, without evidence, any allegation is worthless. Those links open up the doors to the evidence that U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media have been hiding from their respective publics. So: without those links, this article does not exist.

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