Biden Wants To Invade/Conquer China

His plan is to arm Taiwan and entice it to announce its complete independence from China — that Taiwan is no mere province of China but instead an independent country — which announcement would then immediately force China either to invade China or else to accept Taiwan’s becoming a separate and independent country. Ever since 1972 even the U.S. Government has formally rejected Taiwan as being that, and so signed in 1972 a declaration with China, acknowledging that “Taiwan is a part of China. The United States Government does not challenge that position.” But now it is rejecting that position, so as to spark America’s launching an invasion of China: WW III against China.

Consequently, as Connor Freeman headlined in his superb and fully documented news-report on Wednesday 18 July 2023, “Kissinger Meets With Chinese Defense Minister, Amid Soaring Tensions”. He opened by saying that Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger visited Beijing and met with Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu on Tuesday. This comes as tensions between the world’s two largest economies have been heightened substantially as a result of the White House’s bellicose military strategy aimed at China.”

Kissinger is the man who, as the U.S. Secretary of State in 1972, created the U.S. Government’s acceptance of communist China’s existence. He is now 100 years old (having been born on 27 May 1923), and the one positive thing in his life that he can reasonably be proud of having achieved (peace between the U.S. and China), is now about to be destroyed by U.S. President Biden and a bipartisan pro-WW-III U.S. Congress. So, Kissinger has travelled to Beijing to salvage his stellar achievement — he has travelled there hoping to prevent the rabidly neoconservative current U.S. Government from destroying it.

Because that news-report, at The Libertarian Institute, is so terribly important, I shall here quote extensively from it:

Li said in a statement that the US-China relationship has reached its “lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations.” He added, this is because “some people in the United States did not meet China halfway.” Li warned against the rising tensions between Washington and Beijing, stressing that the “path of peaceful development that China is pursuing is a blessing for the world, not a disaster for the world.”

biden-wants-to-invade-chinaThe Chinese military chief elaborated further, insisting that Washington “should have a correct strategic judgment. The future of our world will be better only when emerging countries and developed countries live in peace and develop together.”

In the same statement, Kissinger – who played a crucial diplomatic role during the Richard Nixon administration in establishing relations with Beijing under Mao Zedong – was described as a “friend of China.”

Kissinger has admonished that the consequences of war between the US and China would be “catastrophic.”

Freeman makes clear that this movement by the U.S. Government to create an ‘excuse’ for WW III is bipartisan in both of the regime’s two political Parties:

In 2011, the Barack Obama administration launched the “pivot to Asia” largest military buildup since the Second World War, shifting two thirds of all US Air and Naval forces to the Asia-Pacific, encircling China for a future war. This policy was significantly expanded during Donald Trump’s term. The project has been vastly escalated by Joe Biden and his foreign policy team.

Under Biden, the US and its partners have been “setting the theater” for war with China. The White House has been busy securing more bases around Taiwan and China, US military access in Pacific island nations, ramping up deployments of aircraft carrier strike groups, spy planes, and warships to the region and particularly the South China Sea.

Concurrently, the critical policy of “strategic ambiguity” regarding whether the US would intervene militarily in the event that Beijing attempts to reunify the island of Taiwan, by force has been discarded.

Freeman then documents that this is so. This insanity is the reality in today’s Washington DC.

The U.S. regime’s strategy is therefore now clear: to entice Taiwan into a war against China, and then to join that war immediately on Taiwan’s side, in order to use Taiwan in the same way that the U.S. regime is now using Ukraine against Russia: as Washington’s excuse for launching WW III, in order to emerge (those neocon crazies believe) in control over the entire planet.

If they can’t pull it off in Ukraine, they now are determined to do it in Taiwan. This is the reality of today’s U.S. foreign policies — attempting to entice WW III, by using proxies as the bait or ‘excuse’ to invade. All of the current U.S. Presidential candidates support this bipartisan policy, except RFK Jr., who vigorously opposes it.

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