The Bribery Charge Against U.S. President Joe Biden: Why RFK Jr. Is The Likeliest Person To Win The Dems.’ Presidential Nomination

Late on July 20th, the Republican Jim Jordan, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, released to the public the letter he had sent that day to President Biden’s FBI Director Christopher Wray, informing him that on July 17th the Committee had learned from that the FBI had been lying to social media companies that the Hunter Biden laptop news story might be “Russian disinformation” which the New York Post had published on 15 October 2020 under the headline “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm”. It did that though the FBI actually had the laptop in its own possession ever since 2019 and had been hiding it from the public. This lie from the FBI caused sociel media companies to censor-out as ‘fake news’ that New York Post news-report. The letter from Rep. Jordan opened:

On July 17, 2023, the Committee conducted a transcribed interview of Laura Dehmlow, the Section Chief of the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF). During her transcribed interview, Dehmlow revealed that the same FBI personnel who were warning social media companies about a potential Russian “hack and leak” operation in the run-up to the 2020 election knew that the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was not Russian disinformation. After the New York Post broke a story based on the contents of the laptop about Biden family influence peddling, the FBI made the institutional decision to refuse to answer direct questions from social media companies about the laptop’s authenticity — despite months of constant information sharing up to that time. Put simply, after the FBI conditioned social media companies to believe that the laptop was the product of a hack-and-dump operation, the Bureau stopped its information sharing, allowing social media companies to conclude that the New York Post story was Russian disinformation. According to information available to the Committee, the FBI confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop in November 2019 and gained possession of the laptop in December 2019.

The FBI actually had had that laptop in its own possession 11 months prior to the 2020 U.S. Presidential election and was hiding it from the public so as to help place Biden into the White House. President Trump had appointed Wray as the Director of the FBI on 2 August 2017, and Wray continues to be serving in that capacity today.

Biden BriberyEarlier on July 20th, U.S. Senator Charles Grassley’s office posted online massive evidence that the FBI has that “the FBI sought to obfuscate” for nearly a year. It concerned an FBI agent’s report saying that a whistleblower to the FBI testified that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden were each paid by the Ukrainian gas firm that hired Hunter Biden onto its board, $5 million in cash — 50 $100 bills bound in rubber bands each — $10 million in total, in order to get V.P. Joe Biden to force Ukraine’s government to fire Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating the gas firm. The testimony of the whistleblower was that the firm’s founder said he hated to do the payoff of that $10 million to Hunter Biden who “is stupider than my dog,” but felt that he had to do it.

If the allegations that are contained in that till-now-hidden FBI report are true, then President Biden should go to prison for bribery, and the FBI was trying to hide his bribery operation and so served as an accessory after-the-fact to the bribery. Also obstruction of justice would be an issue, and perhaps treason.

Right now, the one person among the declared and prospective possible candidates for the U.S. Presidency who has by far the highest net-favorable rating in polls is a declared candidate for the Democratic nomination, RFK Jr., and so Democratic Party news-media are trying to smear him and are having some success at keeping down his polled approval-rating from Democratic Party voters, so as to keep Joe Biden as being the top-preferred candidate for Democratic Party voters. (It’s roughly 60% for Biden and 15 to 20% for RFK Jr. right now.) However, still, RFK Jr. is the second-most-preferred Democratic candidate after the incumbent, Joe Biden. If Biden gets knocked out by the public airing of, or especially by prosecutions that might be sparked by, this evidence, then RFK Jr. would almost certainly become the #1 preferred candidate among Democrats; and, then, the contest would be between him and all the rest of the field. All of the other declared or prospective candidates would then be splitting, between themselves, all of the non-RFK-Jr. voters, and this would likely make almost inevitable RFK Jr.’s becoming the Democratic nominee in 2024.

If for some reason the accusations against Biden do not bring any prosecution against him, then almost certainly Biden would be the likeliest person to win the nomination. But I consider that possibility to have lower than a 50% probability of happening. At the present stage, I am expecting the 2024 final contest to be between the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat RFK Jr.

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