The Significance Of The Congressional Probes Into FBI-Biden Corruption

On July 20th was released, to the Web, from the U.S. House and Senate Committees that are investigating what now indisputably are cover-ups at the highest levels of the FBI, testimonial evidence from FBI files, that fits perfectly with the information that was on Hunter Biden’s laptop, all showing that Joe and Hunter Biden each got $5 million for Vice President Joe Biden’s forcing Ukraine’s Government to fire its investigator into possible corruption at the major Ukrainian gas-exploration company that had just then placed Hunter Biden onto its Board. All the evidence is consistent that this bribery occurred. The Biden Administration was forced by court-order to release to those congressional committees the testimonial evidence that was released on July 20th. However, the FBI had been hiding ever since December 2019, almost a year before the election, Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which contained convincing evidence of the bribe. The FBI hid the evidence, didn’t investigate it; and it told the public that the stories about that laptop were mere “Russian disinformation” and “hacks,” which showed nothing incriminating.

The FBI’s testimonial evidence that Congress released on July 20th is the FBI investigator’s write-up of a whistleblower’s account, saying that Hunter Biden’s boss had said that — and why — the Ukrainian briber (Hunter’s boss and benefactor) had bribed the Bidens: to get Ukraine’s investigator fired.

Also released on July 20th was the House Judiciary Committee Chairman’s letter to Wray, which summarized the Committee’s interview with a high FBI official Laura Dehmlow, who admitted that “an FBI lawyer” had caused the FBI to accept the lie that the Hunter-Biden-laptop-contents allegations might be mere “Russian disinformation.”

FBI-Biden CorruptionThis evidence fits perfectly with what was on the laptop of Hunter Biden, which had the actual emails, which were entirely consistent with the information that — by court order, despite the President’s and his FBI’s efforts — finally did become public from the FBI, to those congressional committees, on July 20th.

So: the significance of the July 20th congressional releases is that not only did the FBI have Hunter’s laptop ever since December 2019, nearly a year before the election, but that what was shown on the laptop confirmed what the whistleblower to the FBI said to the FBI’s investigator — and that the top levels of the FBI (including the Trump and Biden Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray) had blocked all of that information, and had called it “Russian disinformation” and “hacking,” and consistently denied that any of it was established by any evidence to be true, factual.

If the FBI had investigated the information, instead of merely hid it from the public (ever since at least December 2019), Joe Biden almost certainly wouldn’t today be the U.S. President.

The public’s response to the scandal has been almost 100% partisan, with Democrats believing that the accusations are “more Russian disinformation,” and Republicans believing that the Bidens are extremely corrupt and that the media simply can’t be trusted. That’s why the present article links through to the testimonial and to the documentary evidences, so that readers can judge it on their own, instead of through anyone else’s opinions about it (including mine).

For the sake of full disclosure, I state, for the record, that my preferred candidates in the U.S. Presidential primaries are RFK Jr. on the Democratic side and Trump on the Republican side, and a strong preference for RFK Jr. in the final contest. I was formerly a Democrat but am an independent ever since 2012, by which time Obama had proven himself to be a fraud, and Hillary Clinton to be even worse. If Biden becomes the Democratic nominee, I shall be voting against both Parties, because both contenders would be unacceptable to me: I am unalterably against both censorship and imperialism — and both Parties have steadily embodied both of those things ever since FDR died in 1945 (so: I am against the post-FDR U.S. Government, which is the Deep-State-controlled U.S. Government, this dictatorship).

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