NATO Worming Itself Into UN

NATO’s course of snagging the role of a global player takes on a new dimension with NATO members having set their sights on subordinating the UN to their interests. The recording of the intention to open an alliance liaison office at the UN office in Geneva in the Communique of the NATO Summit 2023 hosted by Vilnius was one of the steps in this direction.

NATO entities act solely in the interests of its members, Western countries. Therefore, the bloc’s office in Geneva will become an additional tool for promoting the interests of the United States and its allies in the UN.

What do these NATO plans mean for those UN states that are not members of the bloc? The answer is unequivocal – increasing the alliance’s pressure on them via the UN and aggravating threats to their security. This is borne out by the history of NATO military interventions against sovereign states that the West tried to legitimize with the help of the UN. Nevertheless, the lack of approval on the part of the UN will not prevent the alliance from doing what it wants. Suffice it to recall the bombing of Serbia by the block back in 1999.

nato-in-unThe use of UN resources will enhance NATO’s ability to impose Western rules of conduct on the world. The representation of the alliance in the UN will become a site of NATO’s concentrated influence on the agenda of the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, a world-wide organization. Controlling the UN’s activities will facilitate NATO’s transition to global expansion and dictating its will to the UN member states.

The opening of the NATO office in Geneva will mark the beginning of the UN’s ultimate loss of its authority and transformation of the world-wide organization previously committed to strengthening peace and security into NATO’s tool for establishing an order based on dividing the world into the ‘Western golden billion of the elects’ and the rest of the planet’s population to serve its interests.

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