The Fraud That’s Called ‘Democracy’ In The West

The clearest example of this is today’s UK Government as described by a renegade former UK Ambassador, Craig Murray, headlining on July 19th about the next general election there between the conservative Keir Starmer who leads the Labour Party versus the conservative whomever will be leading the Conservative Party; he headlined “Has Western Democracy Now Failed?” and demonstrated that, and how, it has failed, and that it is, in fact, fraudulent, and represents ONLY the super-wealthy. The UK’s Government is an aristocracy, instead of a democracy: it is one-dollar-one-vote, instead of one-person one vote. Its billionaries rule there. He opened:

Keir Starmer’s determination to use his refusal to alleviate child poverty as the issue with which to demonstrate his macho Thatcherite credentials, has provided one of those moments when blurred perceptions crystallise.

A Labour government in the UK under Starmer will bring no significant changes in economic or foreign policy and will make no difference whatsoever to the lives of working class people.

If dividends were taxed at the same rate as wages, that alone would bring in very many times the cost of lifting the two-child benefit cap. But that would hurt the owners of capital and be redistributive, so it is firmly off Starmer’s agenda.

Starmer, [Rachel] Reeves and [Wes] Streeting [two other Deep State Labourites] have no intention of attempting to bridge society’s stunning and ever-growing wealth gap.

Rather they seek to emphasise “wealth creation” and return to trickledown theory. Alongside “wealth creation” they talk of “reform”, by which they mean more deregulation and more private, for profit provision of public services.

Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray
Former UK Ambassador Craig Murray

The Labour Party has not only abandoned all thought of securing a capital interest for the worker in the enterprise where they work. The Labour Party has also abandoned the ideas both of state intervention in the unequal dynamic between worker and employer, and of facilitating and supporting self-organisation of Labour.

Tory anti-union legislation is to remain, and who can forget Starmer banning Labour MPs from official union picket lines?

The Labour Party in power is also not going to repeal the hostile environment for immigrants legislation, or the Tory attacks on civil liberties and the right to protest.

What precisely therefore is the purpose of the Labour Party? An extension to which question is, what then is the purpose of the next UK general election?

What’s important is not how many Parties there are, but whether or not ANY of the Parties that has enough money, to do an effective campaign, actually represents the public, instead of the aristocracy (the super-rich).

In all of the Western countries the truthful answer is no. They are all ruled by corruption. They are all, when one gets right down to it, one-dollar-one-vote Governments, just like any corporation is, instead of one-person-one-vote Governments, just like any authentic democracy is.

What, then, is the purpose for the fraud that asserts the contrary?

This fraud enables each one of these Governments to lie and say that it is a ‘democracy’, so that it can then point to whatever foreign Government is next on its list to be regime-changed, and label it to be an ‘autocracy’ or a ‘dictatorship’ or ‘authoritarian’ in order to fool the suckers — both liberal and conservative ones — into being willing to pay taxes to fund the enormously profitable armaments manufacturers which depend upon that Government and its ‘allies’ for most, if not for all, of its sales-volume.

A hundred billion dollars more for war in Ukraine, please? Now, that’s something which ALL of the Parties in The West can endorse! And it has repeatedly been shown by scientific studies to be the case in the United States.

Furthermore, throughout the U.S.-and-allied countries, the nation’s leader has vastly lower public approval rating than is the case in each one of the two countries that the U.S.-and-allied regimes are now especially trying to regime-change (overthrow and replace): namely, in China, and in Russia. This is what would be expected if the dictatorships aren’t the Governments that The West is trying to defeat, but are instead the Western Governments themselves.

Anyone who uses such a phrase as “Western democracies” is either a liar or a fool. If any countries are democracies, the evidence points to China and maybe also to Russia and to India, but definitely NOT to any in The West. And here is why.

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