U.S. ‘News’-Media Hide U.S. Agent’s Description Of His Participation In America’s February 2014 Coup In Ukraine

The U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media’s hiding of important news is just as important as the news-story that they are hiding is — and sometimes even more important than that news-story itself was. The present article is about the hiding of America’s having perpetrated the coup in Ukraine in February 2014 that started the war in Ukraine. Anyone who is more interested in U.S. V.P. Joe Biden’s having been a leading enforcer of corruption upon the newly (Obama) installed government in Ukraine should first see the earlier interview that had been done of the same interviewee, which is here. But the present focus is instead on the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media’s hiding of the coup, itself, and their lying to allege it to have been, instead, ‘Ukraine’s democratic revolution’ (no coup at all) — which is how the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media continue to say that it was, their lying about that history. (Incidentally, any honest news-media had available to them at least by no later than 12 March 2014 — just two weeks after the coup — the evidence that this had been a U.S. coup instead of any ‘democratic revolution’; and one brilliant independent video investigative journalist even posted to youtube on that very date an excellent 10-minute-long compendium of the key raw evidences displaying that it was a U.S. coup as it’s linked-to here (all the ten minutes of it — and here is its smoking gun portion up close); so, why couldn’t such ‘news’-media as NYT, WP, CNN, Fox, London Times, PBS, NPR, BBC, etc., have done the same — with their vast budgets? They could have — but their top managements didn’t want them to; they censored it out. They knew that they were spreading lies and hiding truths.)

So: the original news-story here (the U.S. coup — even called “the most blatant coup in history” by one prominent U.S. expert) is still being hidden, even more than eight years later. But, now, we get to that U.S.-installed Ukrainian diplomat’s description of his participation in that coup:

His name is Andreii Telizhenko. The 13,000-word transcript of his testimony is shown here, and the 83-minute-long video of that testimony is STARTING AT 10:04 into the 83-minute interview, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgj3p2jIVtI&t=604s. That testimony is already after 10 minutes into his testimony, which described the 2020 Clinton campaign trying to use Telizhenko to get ‘dirt’ against Trump as being a Putin stooge so that Clinton could electorily crush Trump and complete the job that Obama had started — which Biden instead has been working to complete. (So: we’ve now linked here to three interrelated news-stories that the U.S.-and-allied press has been lying about: 1. the U.S. Government’s enforcing corruption upon Ukraine, 2. the U.S. Government’s partisan Democrat-versus-Republican contest about what to do with Ukraine after Obama would leave office, and 3. — coming up now — the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media’s hiding from the public the truths about what actually happened during that coup itself.)

As for the news-report itself of that Telizhenko interview — the thing that all of the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media are still hiding from the public — it was posted to The Gray Zone on 13 July 2023, 18 days ago, and so has had plenty of time for the U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media to republish it, or at least to discuss it, or at least to link to it; but none of them has done anything of the sort. Only sites that already have done some coverage of these censored-out realities have. So: THIS is the news-story here. The uniform decision by all of the U.S. propaganda-media, to hide this interview, IS the news here. So: anyone who wants to know news such as this, might want to cancel their subscriptions to trash such as the New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Nation, The New Republic, Mother Jones, National Review, NYT, WP, WSJ, CNN, Fox, London Times, Guardian, PBS, NPR, BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and other such trash. They didn’t report the truth when these things were happening; and they continue, even till this very day, to hide such realities.

Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland (C) and Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt (L) distribute pastries at Independence square in Kyiv, December 11, 2013

An appropriate introduction to this news-report is my 4 November 2019 “The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea: How the War in Ukraine Started”. That goes all the way back to the coup’s planning, which began by no later than June 2011.

And here is the start of the portion of Telizhenko’s testimony dealing with his own participation in this U.S. coup that U.S.-and-allied ‘news’-media hide:


AARON MATÉ:  You were sanctioned by the Treasury Department for spreading quote “fraudulent and unsubstantiated allegations involving a US political candidate,” and that candidate refers to Joe Biden.

But before we get to that, because I want to go through your story here, you were also a [Ukrainian] government official in Ukraine around the time of the Maidan coup in 2014, which is pivotal to understanding this current moment that we’re in, this current war we’re in.  So, talk to us about that coup, the forces behind it, and what you see, if any, as the US role.

ANDRII TELIZHENKO:  Unfortunately, I was a big part of it because I was young, I’d just came back from the United States. I wanted Ukraine to be democratic.  I took on the hook [like a fish to the bait] of this whole full-scale democracy that US is bringing to the world, and I was part of the Ukrainian opposition to [Viktor] Yanukovych at the time.  And they offered me to be a coordinator of the international relations of Maidan, the unofficial part where I worked closely with the US Embassy, with the US Ambassador [Geoffrey] Pyatt.  I worked closely with US government officials, like the invitation of Senator John McCain, and his security was on my watch, and I coordinated that process.  The unfortunate “Nuland cookies” was my idea.  In December 2013, when she [Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland] was in Kiev, she wanted to give out bread.  I recommended her to divert from that process, you’re not Jesus, you should come out to the people with something more to the ground, and that’s how the cookies process came out.

So, I was involved in that, and the US government was full-scale involved in that, not only US government but the G7 ambassadors which are controlled by the US.  But I was there when the US Ambassador Pyatt would come to Maidan, I would have to be there to get him through the crowd, to get him to the building where we sat and made our decisions, show him where the money was, show him where the Right Sector was, where they’re preparing the Molotovs and the explosives.  I was witnessing all that process, and that’s why they offered me a job right after the Maidan coup, to be part of the Ukrainian government.  And that’s how I continued my work with the Deep State people, and that’s how I saw.  For them I was a good guy at that time because I was part of their team.  They had no problems with me being a Ukrainian or speaking out because I was not speaking about them.  I was part of the coup.  And I got my security process that if something happens to me during the coup, the US embassy would help to evacuate me if needed.  That’s not even as a US citizen; they just offered to do that because we had those kinds of relationships.  If I needed [U.S. Ambassador] Pyatt to meet with somebody from the Ukrainian side, I’d just give him a call on a cell phone to him or to his assistant, and that meeting would happen within a couple of hours.  Or vice versa, if he needed to meet with somebody from the Ukrainian side, that would happen, and that continued after the Maidan.

But I have to tell you, Maidan was fully coordinated and controlled by the US government and the US Embassy in Kiev on the ground.  They had the official side with the pro-Soros people who did the PR, but all those things behind closed doors were happening with the involvement of the US Embassy officials.  So then came US government officials at the White House like Elisabeth Zentos, who I was continuing to do my work with while I was in the Ukraine Embassy in Washington, and she was part of the national security team of [V.P.] Joe Biden.

So, this process is interconnected very deeply, and this continues till today.  The war started, unfortunately for Ukraine, which at that time I did not understand.  I understood it only a couple of years later when I came out with the truth, in 2016-17, and started to fight the Deep State to not control my country.  But this process started in 2014 when the war in Ukraine and the interference from the outside led to people dying on Maidan, led to people dying in Donbass, and let Ukraine be thrown under the bus and used as a rag for their corrupt scandals and corrupt schemes for Joe Biden, the Deep State, Clintons, Soros, and all you can name.  They were all involved in Ukraine and had their money, just went through Ukraine like a Franklin Templeton situation, where the money laundering of several billion dollars went to the US company of Ukrainian loans.  So, this process is all interconnected with what we see today, unfortunately.

AARON MATÉ:  And when you refer there to George Soros, he is a well-known oligarch who has funded Western-backed efforts in Ukraine to support political movements that the US wants to basically install.  That is also on record.

Okay, but keeping with this period of 2013, early 2014, the Maidan coup, is it your belief… I just want to be clear here that the US was actively involved in plotting a coup, or was it more they were just behind the scenes, sort of encouraging events that could lead to that without being fully involved operationally in the plan?

ANDRII TELIZHENKO:  They were fully involved financially and operationally.  When the US Ambassador [Pyatt] comes to Maidan headquarters, the one where the opposition sat, he would make up decisions, and basically, he would officially not give orders, but he would recommend things.  But everybody knew if he recommended things, this is how you have to do it.  And coordination work on pushing on the Ukrainian government, the Yanukovych government, I witnessed this conversation when Nuland came to Kiev, and it was the first storming of Maidan at that time when the police tried to storm, when the people already gathered on Maidan, and this was mid-December, December 11th, I think, and I called Ambassador Pyatt.  I said, ‘You have to stop this.  Call the president of Ukraine so there won’t be bloodshed.’  And the meeting in the morning where we met Nuland and Pyatt, she said, ‘I called Yanukovych and ordered him to stop it, but he did not pick up the phone for three hours.  But then when he picked up the phone, I told him, stop the process or we will destroy you politically, etc.’

So, they were there, they were controlling this process behind the closed doors.  Yeah, it was all done in the hands of Ukrainians, but it was all pre-prepared by the US Embassy, the US government, and US political advisors on the ground in Ukraine who worked there for years, for 20 years before, preparing this whole process, and with Soros-led groups who influenced the PR, who were taught how to influence the PR, and how to make this process likable for the public.

So, it was all interconnected, done with the Ukrainian hands, as it is right now.  Ukrainians are fighting with spilling their blood and the Americans are fully behind it, helping Ukrainians financially and with the weapons, which are not leading to anything but just people getting killed.  Instead of making peace, the same thing happened there.  It was behind the closed doors where they were leading the Ukrainians to overthrow the government and to then have a new government which should be favorable in Washington. …

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