How America Plans To Win WW III

The U.S. Government’s plan to win World War Three is to behead Russia in a blitz attack annihilating The Kremlin so fast that the body of Russia’s Government will be unable to respond to that attack by Putin’s pressing the button to release its thousands of weapons against its enemy. Not just Putin but the nervous system that constitutes the brain within Russia’s Government will have been destroyed in this blitz attack; and, so, if the plan succeeds, then America will have acquired control over the entirety of Russia by means of annihilating merely its capital and biggest city. But the attack would need to be done so fast that there won’t be enough time for Russia’s Government to respond to it. The blitz-attack would need to be a surprise bullet to the brain of the Russian Bear, so that the body of the Bear won’t be able to retaliate.

All U.S. plans to win World War Three (or WW III or WW3) start with a blitz nuclear attack against The Kremlin. It has to be within less than ten minutes in order to decapitate Russia’s ability to respond to it before being annihilated (and so responding). The ideal location from which to launch this weapon would be Ukraine, because Ukraine is far closer to The Kremlin (in Moscow) than is any other country — Moscow is only 317 miles away from Ukraine’s town of Shostka and only about 300 miles away from the Ukraine-Russia border near Shostka, which would be less than a 5-minute missile-flight time during which that launch would have to be detected, confirmed, and then Putin press the button to release all thousand-plus nuclear weapons against the United States and its allies in retaliation. So, this would be checkmate; but, since it would be done entirely in secret, it would actually be “capturing the king,” because the ‘king’ won’t receive any warning. It would instead be “pulling the trigger.” If it works entirely, it would capture Russia — all of it —  by destroying only Moscow. (If it fails entirely, it would destroy the world: within two years, an estimated five billion people will have starved to death.)

As Carlton Meyer noted in this superb explanation of the U.S. plans, the attack would not require that Ukraine be a member of NATO but would require that Ukraine still be — as it has been ever since 2014 — a U.S. colony at the time that this one-punch knock-out missile is launched. He refers to America’s recent development of the “Dark Evil” missile for a surprise attack, and that’s also labelled the “LRHW” weapon. which the U.S. Government is committed to start producing before the end of this year. This system is carried on a normal-looking truck, which will stop at the intended launch-location and suddenly erect vertically the launch-cylinder and fire its missile, which will be hypersonic and “reach the top of the Earth’s atmosphere and remain just beyond the range of air and missile defense systems until they are ready to strike, and by then it’s too late to react.” That is how the U.S. Congress’s Congressional Research Service describes it. This is a surprise-attack weapon, for a WW3 that might start and end within just five minutes, if everything functions as planned.

icbmRussia’s response to this has been to develop a “dead hand” system to retaliate even if a U.S.-and-allied blitz nuclear attack to annihilate Russia’s central command succeeds, but it has never been tested in-toto; so, the U.S. attempt to achieve what Hitler had failed to achieve (to grab Russia) could work, if the U.S. and its allies (or vassal-nations) turn out to be phenomenally lucky. For them, it’s a high-stakes game that they insist upon playing, and one they play 100% as win-lose, no win-win. So far, they’ve been ignoring that, in reality, the only alternative to playing it as win-lose would be to play it as win-win — an alternative that the U.S. and its ‘allies’ have thus far provided no indication that they are even considering. In any case, the “dead hand” approach is extremely risky; and, even if it succeeds, then the entire world would end up being destroyed; so, that is hardly any solution to the problem that Russians could be facing as soon as this year.

The only credible solution — if it can be completed fast enough so as to be in place before America’s “Dark Evil” missiles (or equivalents) become emplaced and launch — would be, as I headlined on 5 April 2023 when Finland joined America’s NATO anti-Russian military alliance, “RUSSIA’S ONLY SAFE RESPONSE TO FINLAND IN NATO IS TO MOVE RUSSIA’S CAPITAL TO NOVOSIBIRSK”, “which is Russia’s third-largest city (after Moscow and St. Petersburg) and which is located midway between NATO and Beijing, so that the nearest U.S. missile would then be placed (in NATO, of course) approximately two thousand miles away from Russia’s central command there, instead of approximately 500 miles away in Finland, as would otherwise be the case, which latter situation would virtually invite Russia’s being invaded by the voracious U.S. Government and its European allies.” For some reason (which I still cannot understand), this is not being done; and, furthermore, no Russian is even speaking out in favor of that proposal (so far as I am aware).

If this is done, then all of the U.S. regime’s scheming, over many decades, and expenditures of trillions of dollars in order to trap and grab Russia, will instantaneously become waste. Whereas a missile having to traverse 500, or even (if Ukraine) 300, miles in order to blitz-destroy Russia’s central command, would be fast enough to preclude any realistic defense, 2,000 miles would not. Moreover, the likelihood is slight if at all that missiles will become developed which would be twice the speed of the fastest today; and, so, America’s trying to blitz-attack Novosibirsk will probably never be safe for the attacker, no matter how much improved missile technology becomes. All ot those trillions of dollars in U.S. Governmental expenses would simply have gone to waste. In that eventuality, the termination of the U.S. empire would be virtually assured. The entire world (except for America’s super-rich) would benefit from that. Why Russians exhibit no interest in applying this defense is one of the great mysteries of our time, in my opinion. And it would be far less costly than what Russia’s Government now is doing against America’s aggression.

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