The US Is On Course For Nuclear Confrontation

The days of superpowers racing against the clock to build up nuclear arsenals may seem to have gone with the Cold War, but the US thinks otherwise.

On 12 October, the US Congressional Strategic Forces Policy Commission issued a report stating that the country needs to prepare for simultaneous conflict with the China and Russia. The paper argues that if conventional parity cannot be achieved, which is absolutely certain, Washington should build up nuclear capabilities.  In doing so, it recommends deploying forces, including in the so far relatively calm and nuclear-free Asia-Pacific region.

AustinGiven that the commission included not just “experts” from yet another research institute, but former State Department, Defense Department, and intelligence officials, the report should be viewed as a declaration of intent.

While pointing to the need to counter the “aggressive actions” of Beijing and Moscow, Washington forgets that the very need for confrontation arose solely through the fault of Americans. Consider the history of Korean nuclear problem. Only the ongoing threat of invasion by the United States and its allies has prompted Pyongyang to engage in extremely costly and totally impractical nuclear research.

Besides, attempts to build up the arsenal will not go unnoticed in China and Russia. Countries will be forced to find an adequate counterbalance to Washington’s actions. This will push the world into another round of the arms race, which even COVID-19, from which it has not yet recovered, cannot afford.

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