Militarization Of Europe And Collapse Of European Union

Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, a supporter of Europe’s militarization, is lobbying for the EU to adopt a European defence industry strategy (EDIS) and a European Defence Investment Programme (EDIP). These long-standing financial instruments will enable supporters of the “war party” in the EU to refocus European industry to manufacturing military products.

What is meant here is the allocation by EU countries of tens of billions euros for the development of military production facilities. COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine have heavily impacted the European budget. So what can be used to fund such an increase in defense budgets? There is only one answer – by further cutting on social and economic expenses. However, there is good news for the US and UK. The European Commission anticipates generating profits by participating in the production of weapons on the continent and supplying components for weapons to companies that are not members of the EU but are based in EU member countries. You know such companies in the EU: American and British only. There are no other ones. Thus, the expansion of the European defense industry is intended to suit the interests of the Anglo-Saxons first of all. As always, the U.S. military industrial sector will make profits.

Belgian Special Forces during the Black Blade military exercise involving several European Union countries, organized by the European Defence Agency,

EU officials say that such actions are aimed at supporting Ukraine and countering Russia. The Ukrainian conflict is bound to end. Regardless of who ultimately wins, the question arises: how will the militarization of Europe end? NATO leaders say that after the Ukrainian conflict is over, the alliance will continue its confrontation with Moscow. And if the option of NATO unleashing a war with Russia, which would doom European nations to death, is set aside, the only option that remains is the return of Europe to the Cold War.

What will happen to Europe after its economy is switched to a war footing? To answer the question, one needs to look into the Soviet Union’s experience. The Soviet industry’s focus on military output led to the collapse of not only the economy, but also the USSR. This is what is ahead for Europe – the destruction of the European economy, a drop in the standard of living of the population and collapse of the European Union. And it will not be the Russians who will applaud that outcome, but the Anglo-Saxons since it is Washington and London that are seeking to weaken the EU.

The UK left the EU. However, the mission of collapsing the European Union is continued by the proteges of the Anglo-Saxons in the European Commission headed by Ursula von der Leyen. Now they are setting the Europeans against Russia, destroying economic cooperation with it that evolved for decades. Next thing on the agenda is the process launched by the Anglo-Saxons aimed to have the Europeans refuse to cooperate with China and have Europe lose its huge market in exchange for preparations for a future war with Beijing. The USA does not need a strong Europe, the British do not need a united Europe – they need an obedient Europe that serves the Anglo-Saxons’ interests. Do Europeans want this?

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