United States To Place Military Bases In Sweden

Sweden’s NATO accession process has not yet been completed. However, by dragging neutral Sweden into the military block, the United States has already received the first benefit of the game played by the Americans. Washington and Stockholm have finalized a bilateral defense cooperation agreement (DCA). The United States Secretary of Defense and the defense minister of Sweden are expected to sign the DCA by the end of the year.

What will the Swedes get out of DCA? First, like joining NATO, enacting the DCA will require the Riksdag to amend national legislation. I wonder what will remain of the national legal system that has ensured the socially oriented development of Swedish society for several centuries. And why, joining a “democratic” military organization and military cooperation with the “democratic” United States requires Sweden to abandon the norms that made it one of the most democratic nations in the world.

Second, the DCA would grant the United States military the right of unimpeded movement throughout the Kingdom and immunity from its jurisdiction. Thus, the United States will not be responsible for the damage it inflicts on the property or health of the Kingdom’s residents. The United States abolished slavery in the 19th century, and in the Kingdom, Americans would become slave owners to Swedes in the 21st century.

Thirdly, the Pentagon will establish weapons and equipment storage bases on Swedish territory. Washington will have the exclusive right not only to select and use the civilian and military infrastructure to locate the weapons but also to move and use the United States weapons without notifying Stockholm. That means that the Pentagon could deploy nuclear weapons as well. The Swedish government has not even attempted, as Norway once did, to ban the acceptance of nuclear weapons under the DCA. However, this point is formal since the Pentagon has never notified the authorities of other states of the presence of nuclear weapons aboard its ships or aircraft when entering territorial space.

Gen. Micael Byden, left, supreme commander of the Swedish armed forces; Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, center; and Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson tour a Swedish military vessel at Musko Naval Base, Sweden, April 19, 2023

Sweden has abandoned its neutrality. Under the DCA, it now can be drawn into the conflict without Stockholm’s knowledge. And Swedes will be obligated to fight on the Alliance’s side in every region once the Kingdom’s accession to NATO is finalized. The corrupt Swedish politicians have surrendered national sovereignty and now, together with Norway and Finland, which is also in the process of signing the DCA, have turned Scandinavia into another military training ground of the United States that the Pentagon can turn into the territory of hot war at any moment.

Like Sweden’s accession to NATO, the conclusion of the DCA comes without notice and extensive public discussion of these steps and their implications, indeed in secret from the public. The Swedish government refused to follow democratic procedures, the historically justified neutral status of the Kingdom and sold the country’s territory and population into slavery to the US.

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