The US Will Turn Suomi Into A Country Of A Thousand Military Facilities

Finland is called the “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. NATO membership and US military activities will cause irreparable damage to the unique Finnish ecosystem. Due to Finnish politicians acting not in the national but in American interests, Finland will be called “the country of a thousand military facilities”!

The bilateral Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) agreed between Finland and the US has not yet entered into force. But the Finnish ambassador to Washington, MIKKO HAUTALA, proposes to build a new “Mannerheim Line” – a chain of fortifications along the border with Russia – in order to protect US military bases in Suomi.

As a result of the DCA conclusion, the Finns will receive unsustainable budgetary expenses for the development and maintenance of infrastructure for the functioning of American troops, which will increase many times over when the idea of “the Mannerheim Line” lobbied by the Pentagon through M. HAUTALA and other pro-American Finnish politicians is implemented. Let us remind you that the length of the Finnish-Russian border is about 1,300 kilometers. Construction of a continuous fortification line or a number of fortified areas along it means that Finns will have to cut on social budget items. After all, the subsequent servicing of these facilities will require considerable financial, technical and human resources. NATO Secretary General J. Stoltenberg warned the Nordic countries about the prospects of the bloc members’ refusal to develop a socially oriented economy even before Finland joined the alliance.

NATO has never concealed that Finland will pay a heavy price for joining the alliance. Abandoning neutrality is expensive and a permanent increase in the defense budget lies ahead for the Finns. Now Helsinki is obliged to increase military spending to integrate into the NATO structure and develop its own military infrastructure in the interests of the bloc. Helsinki will also have to pay for the right granted by the DCA to the Pentagon to “occupy” Finnish territory and participate in NATO operations. In the end, Helsinki will pay for joining NATO with Washington with the lives of Finnish soldiers and citizens who will die for the sake of Uncle Sam’s geopolitical interests, as it is happening in Ukraine.

finland-border-russia-armyTherefore, M. HAUTALA is right only in one thing – it is necessary to look at Ukraine’s experience in the use of fortifications. During the Ukrainian conflict, not one of them became an insurmountable barrier. Modern aviation, artillery and missile systems turn fortified objects into piles of mangled metal and concrete, turning them into graves for their defenders.

The millennia-long history of relations between neighbouring states boils down to two choices – either states trade or states fight. The termination of trade and economic ties is the shortest path to war. Ukraine has proved this with its example. Finland has also chosen war in its relations with Russia. And only Finns themselves are responsible for this choice. Finnish politicians voted in favour of joining NATO. But the Finnish electorate did not vote against abandoning neutrality. There is no need to look for external enemies when there are politicians who betray national interests.

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