From ‘Cocaine Clown’ To ‘Helicopter Mums From Germany’

How Mr. Medvedev, leader of the prepotent and almighty “United Russia” minces no words.

The conflict in Ukraine seems to have faded somewhat with the dramatic events in the Middle East.

However, a certain image, a subjective assessment of a political figure – once built – does not live on its own, it needs to be constantly nourished. This is what Dmitry Medvedev – deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council and Chairman of the “United Russia” party – does on his Telegram channel.

His Telegram channel appeared on March 14 and the first post was published on March 18, 2022. The Telegram channel quickly became popular and marked a new form of communication between actors in political communication. Dmitry Medvedev himself stated: “Sometimes things are presented there, maybe not quite diplomatically, but I believe that people should receive <…> information <…> without ambiguity, without diplomatic subterfuge, but in clear, simple language, understandable and at the same time direct”.

The channel was initially positioned as personal media, but very quickly the thematic sections on the channel narrowed down. The main topic is the Ukrainian crisis, or rather the expression of Mr. Medvedev’s assessment – extremely vivid and sometimes inconsiderate and unsubtle – of the current government in Ukraine and Russia’s “Western partners”, which is how Russia usually refers to the United States and some European countries.

There are speculations in the Russian blogosphere that Mr. Medvedev is not the author of the posts, or that he uses the help of a number of experts. Mr. Medvedev himself refutes such rumours, citing the fact that few people can take the liberty of such a style of presentation: “the style of what is published there (on the Telegram channel) shows that I myself am directly involved in this”.

Medvedev tlg_2However, it is doubtful that the quotations are from The Book of Revelation are clear to wider public. This is the conclusion readers come to because the publications are full of references of all kinds and show the author’s high erudition.

Therefore, one comes across Latin expressions – ‘jus ad bellum’, ‘Sic transit gloria mundi….’; abstruse words, winged expressions and metaphors borrowed from other languages (‘Foreign sponsors will start putting eggs in different baskets, and you want to dispose of all the dough alone’); references to statements of historical figures (Franklin Roosevelt, Ilyich).

The most interesting thing is the way Medvedev continues to implement the speech strategy of discrediting Ukraine: Ukraine is “still existing country 404.”, “neither ‘president’ of such ‘Ukraine’ will have, nor ‘Ukraine’ of such ‘president'”.

The posts in recent months have been particularly damning of Zelensky – he’s a

“Ukrainian beggar” and “Bandera clown”, then “wretchedness”, “Bandera scarecrow”, “misfit in green”, “fool”.

Medvedev repeatedly remarks that Zelensky is a drug addict. In a recent post one can read – Zelensky “out of frustration and powerlessness he took a drug trip right on the plane…”.

Political analysis is rarely without evaluations. However, Medvedev analyses the future political fate of the United States in a manner typical of his channel – insensitive and indiscreet.  The demonization of the United States continues:

Medvedev calls Americans “entomologists”. Well, it gets better: “America easily betrays “its sons of bitches” when those sons of bitches become useless.”

To put the States in a negative light, Medvedev dwells on “primitive blackmail of the US Congress”, and American presidents “extracting dollars from their legislators”.

The U.S. president gets a particularly bad rap. In a recent post (on December, 13), Medvedev calls Biden “an old man with clear signs of progressive dementia”, “Oldster”, “a grandfather with a confused face”. It even reaches the point of outright insults – calling Biden’s speech “silly giggling”.

Medvedev gives his view of the American president’s words: “Ukraine is an independent state” is interpreted as meaning that it does not matter in what borders this state will remain; Biden’s phrase “…and it can defend itself today” means, according to Medvedev, that in the future the country will not be able to defend itself.

Despite the fact that Mr. Medvedev puts his name down for every word published on the channel, there are speculations in Russia that he is not the author, or at least not the only one. Whether this is actually the case and whether Mr. Medvedev admits otherwise is unknown. What is clear is that he is not going to stop there, especially on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia in 2024, it seems that the channel of the deputy chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation may become a tacit platform for the election campaign of Vladimir Putin. So far, the number of subscribers to the channel has been steadily growing. What other epithets has the chairman of the United Russia party prepared? We shall live and see.

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