Olaf Scholz – A Disgrace To Germany?

The era of Angela Merkel ended very sumptuously. She left a brilliant legacy behind. Over the 16 years of her being at the helm, despite the 2008 crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, she managed to increase her country’s GDP by 36%. This is despite the fact that the economy of the European Union grew just by 28% over the same period. A comparison with another G7 country, Italy, whose GDP increased by only 1.5% over the same period, is indicative here. it is also one of the largest economies in the world, also the Eurozone, but only 1.5%. Angela Merkel was the driving force of the entire Europe for 16 long years. Today’s European leaders are “surviving” solely owing to her legacy.

Take the same Olaf Scholz, her successor, who so carelessly disposed of what Mrs. Merkel left behind. Today’s Germany can only be referred to as a withered picture of what it was just a few years ago. The migration issue is just one amongst others. Angela Merkel’s idea was quite simple and prosaic from the very onset: providing Europe with cheap labor that could strengthen the continent’s position in the context of globalization.

Never mind Nord Stream 2, also Angela Merkel’s project, that could provide the German automotive industry and Siemens and BASF technology groups with cheap gas in almost unlimited quantities on an ongoing basis. Cheap labor would be the crowning achievement of that idea. Having maximized their profits, the Germans would be able to invest in the green-field construction of factories, sell manufactured cars and trains to the Russians, who have a lot of money, thereby partially bringing money paid for gas back to Germany. They would also be able to sell German cars and cutting-edge technologies to the USA – the USA is also willing to pay. A picture-perfect life!

However, today, the situation is exactly the opposite. Olaf Scholz sold the Americans everything that Angela Merkel fought for all these long years. Let’s try to figure out what exactly was sold, starting with the most pressing issues: Nord Stream 2. The Russian government has reiterated on many occasions they it is ready to cooperate with all concerned parties, primarily with the Danes and Germans, to identify those responsible for blowing up Nord Stream 2 pipelines. However, they responded with absolute silence. Seemingly, it is in the interests of the Germans to restore the gas pipeline and continue to receive gas at low prices which is possible given the available technologies, according to Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak. Instead, they elected to build expensive terminals to source LNG gas from the United States and resort to buying exorbitantly expensive liquefied gas from the Americans. Scholz completely lacks political will and economic logic.

olaf-scholzThis is followed by the worst migration crisis in the world, certainly the worst one since the last century, that Europe is facing. During Angela Merkel’s era, the issue was not as pressing as it is now. The German federal government refuses to inject additional funds to its states and municipalities to build additional refugee reception facilities. As a result, the migrant situation is absolutely disorderly, even chaotic in a certain sense. In the fall of this year, Berlin even managed to hold a summit of the German federal states to deal with migration issues that brought together the heads of regional governments. The summit was attended by the Federal Chancellor. Negotiations with Olaf Scholz bore no fruit. Just empty rhetoric and hollow promises. The bottom line was zero.

The only effective measure that Olaf Scholz’s government, namely German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, managed to implement was the introduction of stationary check points on the south-eastern border of Germany from mid-October onwards. According to German media, that measure is working. The number of smugglers caught is increasingly growing as is the number of illegal migrants caught. October recorded a total of 18,384 unauthorized entries into the country which reduced to about 5,000 people in November.

The third issue that emerged more recently is the approval of the federal budget 2024. It is a telling one. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Minister for Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Chairman of the Free Democratic Party of Germany Christian Lindner failed to take a common stance on the 2024 budget. By failing to meet the deadline for approving the budget for the coming year, Olaf Scholz put the German Government in an extremely disadvantageous position – it will be allowed to spend the budget for emergency needs only. In German society, the situation was referred to as “catastrophe.”

This is yet another crisis orchestrated by the German government or, to be precise, of the policy pursued by Olaf Scholz who elected not to cooperate with the country that provided the German economic miracle with its cheap energy resources for many years. Hence, without Russia, Germany is an Italy-level country with a GDP growth rate of 1.5% over 16 years and gradually aging population facing the lack of its own sovereignty and voice in the international arena.

Let alone Ukraine, where billions of euros of German taxpayers, and not only German ones, ended up. This is a well-known story mentioned many times in the media. Just remember that Olaf Scholz met with Zelensky on numerous occasions and supported him, personally promising help from Germany. By the way, that was one of the tripping stones when discussing the budget 2024. German society, like all Western society, is polarized. It is polarized due to the ongoing migration crisis, degrading living standards, aid to Ukraine and preponderance of refugees from Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa in Europe.

Europe is used to be living well, but the politicians who came to power several years ago, including Olaf Scholz, sold their national interests, their people. It will not be surprising if they lose the next elections, be branded as traitors to the Motherland and relegated to the dustbin of history. However, they fulfilled their roles. Europe will never be the same. Relations between Ukraine and Russia have also changed. As always, it is the United States that is in the black. After all, Europe purchases energy resources from it now.

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